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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.

Statues are one of the gimmicks of Renaissance Age in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. They contain zombies that can be encountered in Renaissance Age. During the day, they simply act as high-health obstacles that absorb straight-shot projectiles. During the night, they will proceed to shake at some point, parts of the statue will break apart, eventually releasing the zombie they're containing. Marble Mounds contain statues, but they must be chiseled by the Sculptor Imp Zombie to release the zombie it contained. Statues can appear during a night transition at a level when the screen gets revealed after fading to black. While they have a ridiculously high amount of health, they can be defeated, but won't play any animation when this happens. They always have the same amount of health, even if they contain different zombies or if the level is played on hard mode. Coconut Cannon's Plant Food effect can destroy a whole lane of statues in one hit.


Statues absorb 20000 damage per shot and degrades at 12000 and 16000 damage per shot before breaking and releasing the contained zombie at 20000 damage per shot.


Since they absorb enormous amounts of damage, you shouldn't bother destroying them, as even an extremely damaged statue will release a zombie with all of their health, making your efforts worthless. It is recommended to prepare an instant kill when a dangerous zombie like Perfume Zombie is released from a statue, and to directly use it on the said zombie when they are released from the stone to quickly stop them.

To avoid them spawning in large numbers and/or spawning close to your house, it is recommended to fill the lawn as quickly as possible with cheap plants like Puff-shroomSun-shroom or Plantern, as statues can't spawn on tiles where there already is a plant.



  • There are no statues for the special zombies introduced in Part 2 of the world. It is unknown why.
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