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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.

Star Coins are a type of currency that can be obtained by playing PvP Mode in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. They are obtained by defeating the defenses of other players' houses, capturing asset houses, maintaining control of the said houses, and allowing time to elapse. They can only be used to buy things within the PvP Mode.



The player can use Star Coins to train zombies at the Training Course. The cost, capacity, and time the zombie to be trained is shown below. After time passes, the trained zombie is added to their army.

Zombie Cost (Star Coins) Capacity Time
Combat ZombiePvP.png 5 1 30 seconds
Combat ImpPvP.png 10 1 1 minute
Death God ZombiePvP.png 15 2 3 minutes
Seagull ZombiePvP.png 15 2 4 minutes
Imp CannonPvP.png 20 3 5 minutes
Doctor Zombie2.png 20 3 6 minutes
Sledgehammer ZombiePvP.png 30 4 7 minutes
Battle MagePvP.png 40 5 8 minutes
Drinking Monk Zombie2.png 65 6 19 minutes
GargantuarPvP.png 110 8 30 minutes
Chicken Thief ZombiePvP.png 400 11 40 minutes
Mecha-Football ZombiePvP.png 900 14 48 minutes 20 seconds


The player can also use their Star Coins to attack other players in the neighborhood. Each attack costs 30 Star Coins if the player doesn't look at their opponent's lawn and 100 Star Coins if they do. If the player loses, no other star coins are lost other than the amount the player used to attack.

The player can also use their Star Coins to conquer asset houses, which always cost 100 star coins. If the house was successfully captured (all 5 flags taken down), the house will be own by him, even if the house was again captured by other players, no Star Coins will be lost, but the player needs to pay 100 Star Coins again to fight if he wants to conquer the house.

Unlocking Land

The player can also unlock areas of land in the neighborhood by paying increasing amounts of Star Coins to remove the cloud cover in a specific area of the screen. If the land is unlocked, there will be more houses of other players and more asset houses to attack.


In the Laboratory, the player uses Star Coins to increase the maximum amount of Star Coins and Medals they can have, increase the amount of sun available to build their own house's defenses, increase the amount of zombies they can use to conquer houses, level up zombies, and level up Power Ups.