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Level 6-1 seed selection screen

Stage 6 is a hidden stage after 5-10. It is unplayable under normal means, and can only be accessed via Cheat Engine/hacking. This stage is an endless Day level zone, and it seems to be a duplicate of Level 5-9, though it takes place in the Day and Peashooter Zombies appear at Level 6-49.

How to access


Adventure with 6-1 under it

You need Cheat Engine to access this stage, if you do not have Cheat Engine, simply go and download it at the Cheat Engine website. This is the same way to skip levels.

Now that you have everything, the first thing you want to do is open Cheat Engine and click the blinking computer icon. Go to the buttons below and click "Open File". Then locate your userdata file, then open it with Cheat Engine. After opening your userdata file in Cheat Engine, click "Add Address Manually" and type 4 into the address box. Now change the address' value to anything above 50. If Adventure mode does not say "Level 6-", simply go to another user or create a new one and alternate until the user file you modified says "Level 6-". If your game crashes upon changing the address value, simply re-open your game.


Since these are simply duplicates of Level 5-9 in the Day (however, as stated earlier, Peashooter Zombies appear on Level 6-49), just do what you did for Level 5-9, but without the Flower Pots, as those are no longer necessary.


  • It has the only front yard levels in Adventure Mode that have four flags.
  • This chapter can reach all the way up to level 6-2147483597. Attempting to go beyond that level will cause the game to crash.
  • The first levels are a duplicate of Level 5-9 in the Day, so Crazy Dave will pick 3 random plants for the whole stage (like when replaying Adventure Mode).

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