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The content and images in this article do exist in the code of the game, but are unused, and thus, not accessible by normal means.

Squirrel is one of the 17 hidden mini-games that was canceled from the game.

The goal of this game is to find seven squirrels before the Zombie reaches the player's house. The lawn is full of Wall-nuts. The Wall-nuts will flash for one second from being bitten. One of the Wall-nuts will contain a zombie and some squirrels. There are no peashooting plants, instant kills, or Sunflowers, so the player will have to find all the squirrels before the zombie reaches the player's house.

Gain access to Squirrel

You will need Cheat Engine to do this.


  • Go to ZomBotany and key in 16 in the value bar (Or any other mini-game. Just know the ID of the minigame).
  • Click First Scan.
  • Then go to Seeing Stars and key in 22 in the value Bar.
  • Click Next Scan.
  • When the address appears, change it to 49.
    • If you have more than one address in the result, repeat the steps until you get one result. Make sure to change the value before the seed selection dialogue appears.


Simply dig out the Wall-nuts from right to left until you find all seven squirrels. When the zombie appears either leave it to eat while you dig or continue digging saving the final Wall-nut on the row with the zombie for last.

Alternate strategy

Dig out every other Wall-nut so they are only touching diagonally. Then, dig out only the Wall-nuts that are flashing white. One has the zombie, but others have squirrels.

Another strategy

Look at the Wall-nuts and one will keep flashing without the flashing going to another Wall-nut, you should ignore that Wall-nut and dig all of the other ones as the zombie will be in that Wall-nut and you can dig all of the other Wall-nuts without the zombie coming. The Wall-nut you should avoid also always flashes first.



  • It is the only hidden mini-game in game that is not shown on the Limbo Page at all.
    • However, the player can still earn a trophy for it.
  • The squirrels are under the Wall-nuts when they flash. They will run around under them. They will not run into open spaces or diagonally. Like this, one can trap the squirrels to figure out where they are and are not. The Zombie works the same.
  • If a Zombie is eating the last Wall-nut on the lawn and the player has only one squirrel to find, they can let the zombie continue to eat until it finishes it, and it will die at the same time the Wall-nut disappears.
  • If the player changes the value of Survival: Roof or Survival: Roof (Hard) to 49, they will get a roof version. The Wall-nuts will not get reduced to 15. Instead, they will be planted on the roof. This is the only instance where plants that are not Flower Pots or Imitater are planted directly on the roof.
    • The same thing can be done with Survival: Pool and Survival: Fog. Only the bottom row will not be filled with Wall-nuts, but the pool will still have Wall-nuts in it, making this the only instance where plants that are not Aquatic plants or Imitater are planted directly in the pool.
  • If the player finds a squirrel, there is none seen. That might be because the sprites of the squirrel might've not been implemented into the game yet, thus this could be why this mini-game was canceled (and not shown on the Limbo Page).
  • If someone edits the files and makes the challenge windows transparent, the word, "Squirrel", can be seen behind Intro.


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