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Squash is a single-use plant in Plants vs. Zombies. When Squash spots a zombie in an area near him, he will jump up high before smashing the target, dealing 1800 damage per shot worth of damage to any enemy on the tile Squash lands on.


Real life Chayote

Squash's design is based on the Sechium edule, a type of gourd belonging to the plant family Cucurbitaceae. The term "squash" in English also means crushing or squeezing by force, befitting Squash's ability. His 'sporty' costume may also refer to the sport of the same name, Squash.


For more information about this character, see Squash.

Squash is unlocked by beating Level 3-1 (Level 1-5 in the online version), making him the second plant unlocked in the Pool area, and the eighteenth plant unlocked overall in Adventure Mode. When an enemy is within a 0.5 tile radius near him (both forward and backward), Squash will jump up before crash landing on the target and dealing damage. On the water, he makes a splash instead of hitting the floor and making a thud.

Squash is effective at taking out a Pole Vaulting Zombie and Dolphin Rider Zombie as the latter will vault over the Squash, but will then get flattened due to its low movement speed and Squash's ability to attack enemies from both in front and behind.

Enemies killed by Squash will simply disappear. However, Gargantuar, Giga-Gargantuar, Zomboni. Catapult Zombie, and Dr. Zomboss will still play their normal death animation.

On the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade versions, any controllers connected to the console will rumble when he smashes.

Defeating five enemies with a single Squash will give the player the Monster Mash achievement.


Sound Description
Squash's sounds.

Almanac entry

Squashes will smash the first zombie that gets close to it.
Damage: massive

Range: short range, hits all zombies that it lands on
Usage: single use

"I'm ready!" yells Squash. "Let's do it! Put me in! There's nobody better! I'm your
guy! C'mon! Whaddya waiting for? I need this!"
Cost: 50 Recharge: slow


Main Game

Squash can be considered to be an upgraded version of Potato Mine for one main reason: Unlike Potato Mine, Squash does not suffer from a lengthy arming time which would normally prevent Potato Mine from being used in the late levels. The faster recharge rate, cheap price and smaller area of effect compared to Cherry Bomb's and Doom-shroom's mean that Squash will be more suited to eliminating high-threat targets, instead of large crowds of lower health ones. Squash can also be used to help build up your Sunflowers in the early game, as he only costs 50 sun, and most zombies only come out one by one at the beginning.

Monster Mash

The achievement Monster Mash is earned by crushing five zombies of any kind with one Squash. Any level in the Survival Mode, especially Survival: Endless should allow an easy opportunity to do this, and gathering enemies with Wall-nut, Tall-nut or Pumpkin can also make the task easier. Playing Column Like You See 'Em a lot can also help, as zombies tend to come in large groups in this mini-game.

I, Zombie

There are several I, Zombie levels with Squash. Make sure you use cheap zombies whenever you can, and remember that the Gargantuar can be easily taken down by two of them in the same lane. In I, Zombie Endless, the player should avoid sending Bungee Zombie near a Squash, which results in failure and wasting sun.

Related achievements

Monster mash.png
Monster Mash
Crush 5 zombies with a single Squash.
Collect all 49 plants.
Book Learner.png
The Complete Zombie2.png
The Complete Zombie
You've won every trophy, climbed every mountain, defeated every zombie, planted every plant. Congratulations!


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  • If he squashes a zombie on the edge of the pool, instead of hitting the floor and making a thud, he still makes a splash like jumping into water.
  • In the free PC version, the player cannot use him, Threepeater, or Twin Sunflower.
  • All zombies except Zomboni, Catapult Zombie, and Gargantuar will simply disappear when killed by Squash. The three zombies mentioned will play their normal dying animation.
    • If he somehow appears in the Zomboss battle and he defeats Zomboss (this can be done if the conveyor is changed to only supply squash to the player), Zomboss will also play his death animation.
  • He is one of the two plants to have his own voice, in which he says "Hm?" when a zombie approaches him. The other one is Sunflower.
  • Squash is immune to all damage once he begins his attack. For example, if 5 gatling pea zombies fire at him (which should be more than enough to destroy him if he's too far), he will not take any damage despite flashing as he was hit, and will still Squash them normally.
  • For an unknown reason, he replaces Potato Mine in Plants vs. Zombies Web Version.

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