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The mightiest of spuds is Spudow. But allow me to offer some insight...He will defend until the moment is right to strike, and he loves the long game. So make short work of him!

Dr. Zomboss

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Spudow is a plant hero in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes and the leader of the PvZH Kabloom Icon.pngKabloom and PvZH Guardian Icon.pngGuardian classes.

His signature superpower is Tater Toss, which makes a Hothead on a selected ground or heights lane, which does 6 damage to a zombie in front of it when it is destroyed.

He is the hero version of Potato Mine.


Potato MineGW2.png

Spudow is based on the Potato Mine, a major recurring character in the Plants vs. Zombies, with his visible sclera and two buck teeth invoking Potato Mine's appearance in the Garden Warfare games.

His appearance bears a resemblance to Baymax of the superteam Big Hero 6 as he appears in the Disney animated adaptation of the same name. His ability of detaching and regrowing his head appears to take some influence from regenerative healing superheroes such as Marvel Comics' Wolverine and Deadpool.

His name is a reference to the onomatopoeia "SPUDOW!" that appears when a Potato Mine explodes, or the achievement itself, SPUDOW!.

His description is a gag to how Spudow uses his signature superpower, Tater Toss, in which he loses his head to make a Hothead and respawn his head afterward. Also, the fact that he can take off his head, throw it, and then regrow it may be alluding to Potato Mine and Primal Potato Mine's Plant Food ability in Plants vs. Zombies 2, in which they send out copies of themselves and then regrow in a similar fashion.

His entry animation alludes to the way Potato Mines take time to arm in other games.

One of his Strategy Decks, Bear Necessities, is named after the song The Bare Necessities from the 1967 Disney animated adaption of The Jungle Book.


Hero description

Always tries to keep his head in tough situations. Always loses it.

Strategy strategy

Spudow can use aggressive Anti-Hero Plants to put the hurt on the enemy, while his explosive direct damage effects knock enemy defenders out of the way.


Spudow can be quite formidable when played properly. The best strategy for Spudow is playing defensively at the start and being on the offensive only at the later stages of the game (similar to The Smash). He can use his Guardian plants like Wall-Nuts and damaging Kabloom tricks such as Berry Blast to delay the match until he is able to bring out heavy hitters like Dandy Lion King and Soul Patch. Additionally, he has many cards that can boost the strength or health of his plants.

Being a Kabloom and Guardian hero, Spudow has access to PvZH Anti-Hero Icon.pngAnti-Hero plants like Poison Oak and Poison Ivy, and PvZH Truestrike Icon.pngBullseye plants such as Jugger-Nut. As such, he is meant to hit the zombie hero directly as much as possible, especially during the late game. If there is a zombie blocking a plant, Spudow can use tricks like Gardening Gloves to move the plant out of the way or play damaging tricks to take out the zombie directly.

However, he lacks ways to draw cards, as Gardening Gloves and Petal-Morphosis are the only choices and only one is drawn at a time. Opponents can drain his cards and win from there, so Spudow needs to keep an eye on the cards in his hand.


Like what Dr. Zomboss stated when Spudow is first fought against, you would want to defeat him quickly as he becomes more aggressive as the match progress. PvZH Hearty Icon.pngHearty heroes are ideal to take care of Spudow's defenses since they have access to Rolling Stone and Weed Spray that can take care of bulky Guardian plants with little to no strength easily. If the late game occurs, you might want to prepare tricks such as Rocket Science to dispose of his high strength plants. The best way to take care of him, however, is to bait him into using all of his cards, preferably with a rush deck.

Strategy decks

Main article: Community-built decks/Spudow
SpudowH.png Moving Day

PvZH Kabloom Icon.png PvZH Guardian Icon.png
Position your Plants to do the most damage possible! Use Hot Date and Gravitree to pull enemies into your Spikeweed Sector and clear the way for Anti-Hero attacks.
Poison MushroomH.png x4 Veloci-Radish HatchlingH.png x4 Gardening GlovesH.png x2 Hot DateH.png x4 Jugger-NutH.png x2
Spikeweed SectorH.png x4 PlanternH.png x2 Poison IvyH.png x4 GuacodileH.png x4 Body-GourdH.png x3
GravitreeH.png x2 Poison OakH.png x3 Kernel CornH.png x2

SpudowH.png Pineclone Wars

PvZH Kabloom Icon.png PvZH Guardian Icon.png
Pull a bait-and-switch by leading off with a swarm of low-cost plants, then transforming them all into Pineclones! Doom Shroom wipes your opponent's big threats away while leaving your clone army intact.
Astro-ShroomH.png x4 GarlicH.png x4 High-Voltage CurrantH.png x3 Shroom for TwoH.png x4 Veloci-Radish HatchlingH.png x3
Berry AngryH.png x2 Mushroom GrottoH.png x4 Veloci-Radish HunterH.png x4 MolekaleH.png x4 PinecloneH.png x4
Doom-ShroomH.png x2 Poppin' PoppiesH.png x2

SpudowH.png Berry Powerful

PvZH Kabloom Icon.png PvZH Guardian Icon.png
Sergeant Strongberry leads your Berries into battle with this berry powerful Strategy Deck. Quickly buff your High-Voltage Currant into a monstrous threat, then seal the deal with Grapes of Wrath.
High-Voltage CurrantH.png x4 Berry BlastH.png x4 Shelf MushroomH.png x4 Wild BerryH.png x4 Hibernating BearyH.png x2
Poison IvyH.png x2 StrawberrianH.png x4 Sergeant StrongberryH.png x4 Sour GrapesH.png x4 Electric BlueberryH.png x2
Cherry BombH.png x2 Grapes of WrathH.png x4

SpudowH.png Bear Necessities

PvZH Kabloom Icon.png PvZH Guardian Icon.png
Your opponent will run for the hills when your Galacta-Cactus wakes up your Hibernating Beary and Pear Cubs. Use Lava Guava to turn up the head even more.
Galacta-CactusH.png x4 PhotosynthesizerH.png x1 ReincarnationH.png x4 Berry BlastH.png x3 Jugger-NutH.png x4
Hibernating BearyH.png x4 Pear CubH.png x4 ShamrocketH.png x2 Cosmic NutH.png x4 Prickly PearH.png x1
Body-GourdH.png x3 Lava GuavaH.png x4 Dandy Lion KingH.png x2

SpudowH.png Double Trouble

PvZH Kabloom Icon.png PvZH Guardian Icon.png
Pair Pearadise and Imitater let you double up valuable plants, while Transfiguration and Pecanolith make your low-cost plants into powerful ones!
Galacta-CactusH.png x4 GarlicH.png x2 Hot LavaH.png x2 FireweedH.png x4 Hot DateH.png x2
Hibernating BearyH.png x2 ImitaterH.png x1 Pear CubH.png x3 Primal Wall-NutH.png x3 Pair PearadiseH.png x4
TransfigurationH.png x4 Lava GuavaH.png x1 PecanolithH.png x4 Dandy Lion KingH.png x1 Kernel CornH.png x1
Wall-Nut BowlingH.png x2


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In other languages

Language Name Description
United States of America English Spudow
China Simplified Chinese 土豆仔
Traditional Chinese 馬鈴薯泥轟炸
France French Pata-Boum
Germany German Spudow
Italy Italian Spudow
Japan Japanese 爆裂ポテト
South Korea Korean 콰광!
Brazil Brazilian Portuguese Batabum
Russia Russian Ба-бах!
Spain Spanish Spudow


  • Spudow has a color scheme that no other Potato Mine in the franchise has, excluding Hothead.
  • Strangely, Spudow has the head of a Plants vs. Zombies Potato Mine, but when he takes his head off and it becomes a Hothead, it resembles a Plants vs. Zombies 2 Potato Mine.
  • In the comic strip that introduces Spudow to the player, a Gargantuar Prime is shown, despite not being a zombie card.
    • Poncho Zombie is also present in the comic, despite not being a card in the game.
  • In the title screen, Spudow has one buck tooth only.
  • Spudow is one of the two plant heroes to have unique battle themes. His theme is a remix of the collection screen.
  • The third panel of the old comic strip that appears when the player receives Spudow shows the shadow of what is supposedly a Dancing Zombie, while the new one shows a Poncho Zombie instead.
  • His eyes are similar to the Potato Mine's from Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.
    • He also has the trait of buck teeth shared with every rendition of the Potato Mine throughout the games.
  • The name of Spudow's Super-Rare Strategy Deck is a reference to the Clone Wars, an event depicted in the Star Wars canon as well as the animated film and cartoon series of the same name.
  • Solar Flare, Chompzilla, Spudow and Wall-Knight are the ones that can be chosen as the starter hero.
    • Initially, the player is offered to choose between him and Solar Flare. If he is not chosen, the player will later have to pick between Spudow and Wall-Knight.
  • His versus panel image resembles the captain from the Pixar film, WALL-E.
  • Before the Triassic Triumph update, Spudow's Colossal strategy deck, "Double Trouble", mentioned Transfiguration in its description, but didn't have it in the deck.
    • Additionally, before the release of the Colossal Fossils update, Spudow's Colossal strategy deck was named "Pearadise Found."

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