Sprint Burrow is an alternate ability of Burrow for the Chomper in Garden Warfare and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. It can be obtained from sticker packs. What makes it different from the normal Burrow ability is that the Chomper will go much faster underground, but it will end faster as well; making it similar to the Turbo Jackhammer ability for the Engineer. The player can go further by using the regular Burrow. This version may be wanted for fast escapes. The reduction rate of the meter will drop if the player does not move while the ability is activated. Like most of the other alternate abilities, it was first introduced in the Garden Variety DLC. It takes 15 seconds to recharge.

Stickerbook description

The Sprint Burrow allows the Chomper to move much faster when under the ground, but the range is quite limited.

Comparison to vanilla counterpart


  • Faster movement speed, which although may be good for approaching zombies and getting away from zombies, may make it harder to chomp the zombie below.


  • Very limited range.
  • Makes more sound and is easier to spot due to the green glow the ability gives off.



As the Stickerbook says, Sprint Burrow functions very poorly in terms of the distance the Chomper can travel while using it, as it runs out of stamina much faster than the regular Burrow. The player also glows while burrowing, giving away the player's position, making it less stealthy as well. Thus, the Sprint Burrow is best used for quick getaways after swallowing a zombie or to quickly close the distance between the player and a gooped zombie


As an All-Star or Super Brainz, you can kick or tackle away from it, and try to outrun the Burrow. This also applies for Foot Soldiers with Rocket Leap, or just doing what you do with the regular Burrow as an Engineer - stun the Chomper.


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