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For the plants the line is based on, see Puff-shroom, Scaredy-shroom, and Fume-shroom.

The Spray Mushroom line is a Brave plant line in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars .

The line consists of Puff-shroom (小喷菇; pinyin: xiǎo pēn gū), Scaredy-shroom (胆小菇; pinyin: dǎnxiǎo gū), and Fume-shroom (大喷菇; pinyin: dà pēn gū). Puff-shroom attacks zombies by stretching and shooting spores, Scaredy-shroom attacks by by shooting lasers, and Fume-shroom attacks by spraying fumes.


Puff-shroom evolves into Scaredy-shroom, and further evolves into Fume-shroom.

Plant Food/Anger effect

Tier Effect Description
1 5076
Penetration Spray
Hits all zombies on its lane twice. It requires Brave Plant Food to activate.
Poison Spray
Hits all zombies on its lane twice and poisons them. It requires Brave Plant Food to activate.
Sunder Fierce Spray
Hits all enemies in its lane with poison and sunder effect. It requires Brave Plant Food to activate.





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