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Spotlight Zombie is a Rainbow Glitz minion Zombie in Plants vs. Zombies 3. He will stay on his tile and starts summoning Pop Star Zombies. Once his spotlight is broken, three Pop Star Zombies will spawn on three lanes in front of him, while he will be defeated instantly.

Almanac entry

Spotlight Zombie
Level 1 Rainbow Blitz Minion
Spotlight Zombie3
Stays in place, summoning Pop Star Zombies to random tiles. Illuminating!
Walking Speed

Effective Plants:
Squash PvZ3 seed packet Butternut Squash PvZ3 seed packet Night Cap PvZ3 seed packet


Spotlight Zombie can be easily defeated by planting a Squash near him. Also, stunning plants such as Butternut Squash, Kernel-Pult, and Buttercup can temporarily prevent him from spawning Pop Star Zombies.


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