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Spikeweed is an area-of-effect plant available in Plants vs. Zombies as well as their Chinese spin-offs. He is normally ignored by most types of zombies, and can deal damage to any grounded enemy that walks on top of him at a rate equal to 4/3 of a Peashooter. Since the Spikeweed attacks from below, he can bypass shields. When encountering certain enemies such as Zomboni and Catapult Zombie, Spikeweed will instead kill the unit instantly, and will be destroyed by the unit as well.


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Spikeweed is unlocked after the player beats Level 3-6, and can only be planted on the ground (not on Lily Pads or Flower Pots). A Spikeweed can be upgraded to Spikerock after purchasing the Spikerock seed packet for $7500 in Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies.

Spikeweed can instantly defeat the following enemies:

Almanac entry

Spikeweeds pop tires and hurt any zombies that step on them.
Damage: normal

Range: all zombies that walk over it
Special: can't be eaten by zombies

Hockey is Spikeweed's obsession. He's got box seat season tickets. He keeps close track of his favorite players. And he consistently cleans up in the office
hockey pool. Just one problem: he's terrified of pucks.
Cost: 100 Recharge: fast



Spikeweed can be upgraded to Spikerock after purchasing the required seed slot. A Spikerock deals twice the amount of damage as a Spikeweed, and has greatly increased resistance to vehicles and attacks from Gargantuars.


Standard levels

Plant Spikeweeds in front of Wall-nuts, Tall-nuts, or Pumpkins. Most zombies cannot harm him, and will be continuously damaged as they try to eat the defensive wall. Spikeweed is especially important for levels with Zombonis (especially in Bobsled Bonanza), and placing Spikeweed on the first row will prevent the Zomboni from laying any ice at all (preventing the appearance of the Zombie Bobsled Team). Note that Gargantuars, Giga-gargantuars, and Jack-in-the-Box Zombies can destroy Spikeweeds in the same way they can destroy any other plant.

Hokey Pokey

Try to lay down either a row of three Spikeweeds or one Spikeweed in front of a Wall-nut to kill the zombies. Timing can be everything, so if you see a Wall-nut, go ahead and break a few vases on the right hand side to see if a Wall-nut will be needed there. If no zombies appear closer than the fourth row from the left, put the Wall-nut on a different row, and lay down Spikeweed instead. Buckethead Zombies are the exception to this, as you cannot kill them with just Spikeweed - make sure to have a Wall-nut in place or use a Squash to kill them.

Related achievements

Collect all 49 plants.
Book Learner.png
The Complete Zombie2.png
The Complete Zombie
You've won every trophy, climbed every mountain, defeated every zombie, planted every plant. Congratulations!



  • In the reanim folder, his name is Caltrop. It's because Spikeweed functions like caltrops: Damaging enemies passing by and can destroy wheels.
  • When he is planted in one of the two bottom right squares on Pool and Fog Levels, he will be higher up than other Spikeweeds.
  • He is one of the twelve plants that appear in the seed selection screen after the player gets Grave Buster on the online version, the others being Ice-shroom, Lily Pad, Potato Mine, Threepeater, Tangle Kelp, Jalapeno, Doom-shroom, Torchwood, Tall-nut, Cactus, and Blover.
  • He, Spikerock, Lily Pad, Cattail, Tangle Kelp, and Sea-shroom are the only plants that cannot be planted on a Flower Pot.
    • He, Spikerock, Flower Pot, Tangle Kelp, Sea-shroom, and Potato Mine are also the only plants that cannot be planted on a Lily Pad.
  • In Vasebreaker, he only appears in Hokey Pokey.
  • It is possible to destroy two or more vehicles with a single Spikeweed. However, those vehicles must ride over him both at the same time. This is easily achieved if multiple vehicles come by and the player plants a Spikeweed on them. This is because Spikeweed deals area damage.
  • Pole Vaulting Zombie will not vault over him and Spikerock in the fact of they are laid on ground.

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