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Sphinx (尸身人; pinyin: shīshēn rén) is the boss of Ancient Egypt in Plants vs. Zombies Online. It appears in Level 10-1.


The Sphinx is based on the real-life Egyptian sculpture of the same name. It has five zombies inside of it holding it up and moving it, indicating that it is hollow. It will spawn a column of zombies or the zombies will come out of the right side, as if it were a normal level. It can also summon a few zombies in front of it. The zombies can be smashed with mallets by clicking on them before it is completely summoned. It can release fireballs, similar to the the original Zombot. The fireballs can only be stopped by Iceberg Lettuce's normal ability (Iceberg Lettuce's Plant Food effect somehow does not affect the fireball). When defeated, it flings five zombies onto your lawn, and will not instantly destroy other zombies remaining on the lawn, unlike other bosses. However, in the Advanced mode of Level 10-1, when the Sphinx is defeated, all the zombies outside the Sphinx will be destroyed instantly, with only the ones flung from the Sphinx survive.




  • Functionally, it is extremely similar to the Zombot from the original game, as it can send fireballs.
    • The fireballs also have a resemblance to those the original Zombot sent out.
  • It is one of four bosses in the series that is not a robot.
    • Despite this, the Sphinx's eye looks mechanical.
  • It and Desert Death Zombie are the only zombies added to Ancient Egypt in Plants vs. Zombies Online.
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