Solar Flare Beam

Solar Flare Beam is an alternate ability of Sunbeam. It is more powerful, which deals 10 impact damage and 12 critical damage, but it only has 50 ammunition, and it does not instantly fire after pressing fire button. It takes 30 seconds to recharge.


Description about the Solar Flare Beam

The Solar Flare Beam is now the ultimate power in the universe! We suggest you use it.



  • Even though this ability can deal more damage, it should only be activated in certain places where enemies will not notice something is coming while trying to do their task (e.g. capturing the garden and taking out the other plants etc.).
  • Be careful in Garden Ops or Gardens & Graveyards, as this ability will alert the Spawnable Zombies to your team's location. When the zombie is not moving, shoot immediately at them.
  • Avoid using this ability in open spaces, as you will be exposed and you can get shot at from any direction.


  • If fighting close up, try moving around the Sunflower whilst shooting, which makes it difficult to aim for many Sunflowers due to the fact that the turning is not fast.
  • Scientists must remain mobile both by moving and by using the Warp ability. Take the Sunflower out early whilst staying close to kill it as quickly as possible.
  • All-Stars are vulnerable to this ability due to their speed. Set up Dummy Shields and use an Imp Punt to vanquish them quickly.



  • Even though the icon shows the Sunflower's eyes are glowing, it does not glow in the game itself.
  • Its firing visuals seems to be a reference towards the Death Star from Star Wars movies.

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