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Soil Survivors is a limited-time gamemode in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 that was introduced in the Soil Survivors DLC. It is only playable by entering the Mystery Portal inside the Townhall, providing it is the current event for that week. The goal of the mode is to have one team vanquish all the members of the other team. When a player is vanquished, they cannot be revived, and the player playing must wait until one team is wiped out. Also, there may only be up to six players per team.

When a team destroys the other team, they will win the round. To ultimately win, one team must win three rounds, and sessions can be three to five rounds long, depending on the winning team. Every 30 seconds, the space-time continuum will collapse and shrink. It will continue shrinking until all players are vanquished. If a player stays outside of the force field for too long, they will take major damage, and eventually be vanquished.

Starting from the June 2019 week of this gamemode, AI will take the place of empty slots if one team has more players than the other.


The name "Soil Survivors" is a play on the phrase "sole survivors," referencing how the objective is to eliminate all but a few players (who are on the same team).


Stay together and fight as a team, as you are more likely to be vanquished if traveling solo. Keep an eye out on your surroundings so you don't get flanked. Always be sure to have at least one healer (Sunflower or Scientist) with you, as they are the only way to gain health back because there is no auto health regeneration in this game mode. Chompers and Super Brainz are very good character choices for Soil Survivors, due to their high health and effectiveness at close range combat. It is not recommended to play a Cactus or a Pirate because they are snipers and will not be very useful in high-action, fast paced rounds.



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