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Snow Pea Zombie (寒冰射手僵尸; pinyin Hán bīng shèshǒu jiāngshī) is a zombie/plant hybrid encountered in Penny's Pursuit in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. Like Snow Pea, he fires frozen peas, but towards the player's plants.

The peas pass above ground plants such as Potato Mine and Celery Stalker. Plants hit by frozen peas are slowed for a few seconds, which is the same status effect that the syringes that Lost Doctor Zombie throws at plants give.

Almanac entry

寒冰射手僵尸 (Snow Pea Zombie)

SPEED: Basic




    In English:

    The plant-headed zombie from the mysterious time and space, watch out for his frozen peas!

    Special: Fires frozen peas which slows down plants.
    Weakness: Cannot attack plants on lower elevations due to spinal issues.

    "We were born like this, it's not terrible" he said calmly, "We are just a pawn in brain chess from beginning to end." No one knows the meaning of his words, and no one wants to go. Understand, after all, who would care about the words of a madman who likes wearing a hood?


Since its ability only delays offensive plants and ignores certain others, you can use defensive plants to block the attacks and short plants such as Spikeweed to damage it unhindered.



  • Originally, his frozen peas could be neutralized by the Torchwood and would be able to pass through the shields from the Penny Shield Perk as well as the Plant Food effects of Infi-nut and Moonflower, however this was scrapped or removed.

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