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Snow Pea is a recurring character within the Plants vs. Zombies franchise. They act like Peashooters, except they are able to slow down zombies with their peas as well, as long as a fire plant doesn't hit the zombie as well.

As of Plants vs. Zombies 3, Snow Pea has appeared in every game in the Plants vs. Zombies franchise with the exception of Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville.


220px-Doperwt rijserwt peulen Pisum sativum

Like most other pea-shooting plants, Snow Pea is based on the pea plant (Pisum sativum).

His name refers to the real-life snow pea, a variety of edible-pod pea with flat pods and thin pod walls that are eaten whole in its pod while still unripe. It also refers to snow which is cold, referring to how Snow Pea shoots out frozen peas, a cold projectile and how the plant is cold himself. It also references that he is a pea-shooting plant.


Plants vs. Zombies

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Snow Pea1

In the original Plants vs. Zombies game, as well as all Chinese spin-off games based on it, Snow Pea is the second offensive plant unlocked. They work identically to Peashooter, but their peas also slow down zombies. If a zombie is hit by a Pea ignited by Torchwood however, they lose their slowing effect.

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures (Archived content)

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Snow PeaA
Ice Queen PeaA

Snow Pea made a reappearance in PopCap's ill-fated Facebook game Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, having the same ability he did in the first game. However, he costs 125 sun rather than 175 and deals more damage than Peashooter. This game introduces the idea of defusing zombies with fire based objects, being able to defuse Rocket Zombie's rocket and Gas Can Zombie's cigar.

He has a VIP variant based on him, the Ice Queen Pea, who had longer ranger and dealt more damage.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

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Snow Pea2

In Plants vs. Zombies 2, Snow Pea returns as a Premium plant, retaining his old ability while costing 150 sun.

Unfortunately, despite being a premium plant, he is easily outclassed by both free plants and other premiums.

Garden Warfare series

The Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare series features two types of Snow Peas, neither actually called Snow Pea. A variant of the Peashooter and a Potted Plant.


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Ice PeaGW1

Ice Pea is the ice variant of the Peashooter first introduced in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

His primary weapon is the Ice Pea Cannon, which is similar to his normal variant's primary weapon, except it will slow zombies hit by the attack. If these zombies are hit enough, they'll instead be frozen, leaving them open for further attack.

Potted Plant

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Ice PeashooterGW1

Ice Peashooter is a Potted Plant exclusive to Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. Ice Peashooter works similarly to the Pea Cannon but their peas are like their playable counterpart, slowing then freezing zombies.

While he isn't plantable in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, there is an Ice Peashooter NPC in the Backyard Battleground and oddly enough, two of them appear as enemies in the "Death Alley" Zomburger Delivery Challenge.

Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars (China only)

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Snow PeaAS

Snow Pea next appears in the Chinese-exclusive turn-based game Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars as the second plant in the Snow Pea line. He evolves from Droplet Shooter and evolves into Frostbolt Shooter. Like in the main game, he attacks zombies by firing frozen peas at them.

His Plant Food/Anger effect has him shoot a bunch of frozen peas with the chance to freeze the target for a turn.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

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Snow Pea boosted by Torchwood
Snow PeaH

Snow Pea then appears in the turn-based mobile card game Plants vs. Zombies Heroes as a 2SunPvZH 2StrengthPvZH/2HeartPvZH Pea plant in the PvZH Smarty IconSmarty class. His ability PvZH Frozen IconFreezes any zombie he damages, making him a key card for cheap freeze decks.

Due to mechanics of the game, if the player really wanted to, they can put a Snow Pea behind a Torchwood and benefit from it, the only game where this is possible.

Plants vs. Zombies 3

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File:Snow Pea3.png

Snow Pea's most recent appearance is in Plants vs. Zombies 3, where he reprises his role from the previous games. In this game, he is a Rare Shooter plant costing 5 sun. Like other games, they fire frozen peas that slow zombies down.

His Plant Food ability is Snowball Fight which works like his Plant Food in Plants vs. Zombies 2, slowing all the zombies down in his lane and firing a barrage of peas and his Tacobility is Ice Queen, giving their peas a chance to freeze zombies solid.


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  • Similar to Peashooter, there have been instances where he's been given eyebrows, even though they don't have them in-game.

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