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Snapdragon is a playable plant class in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. He is an PvZ BfN Attack Class Icon Attack class and specializes in close range fire damage.


In-game description

All about controlling space and doing lots of damage up close. Blazing trail is great at splitting a battle field or holding a chokepoint.


Primary Weapon: Flame Blower
Short-range flame spray that deals additional fire damage over time.

Secondary: Flare Ball
Hold LB for ranged explosive shot.

Can hover in air with X.

Primary & Secondary Weapons

Short-range flame spray that deals additional damage over time.

Menu description

His primary weapon is named the Flame Blower and works similarly to Fire Chomper's Flame Spray, namely that it is a continuous spray that that deals fire damage to nearby targets, he can fire his Flame Blower continuously for eight seconds before overheating.

His secondary weapon the Flare Ball is used while scoped in, firing ranged flaming projectiles that fall as they travel, similar to the Engineer's Concrete Launcher. They are lobbed, so aiming for targets too far away or downward may not result in the fireball landing where you are aiming. Both attacks set zombies on fire to deal extra damage over time, and generate heat; too much heat makes Snapdragon overheat, disabling both regular attacks until he cools off.


Left ability
Swoop SlamBfN
Swoop Slam
Fly up, then crash down to deal damage on impact.
Center ability
Blue BlazesBfN
Blue Blazes
Launch blue fireball that follows enemies.
Right ability
Blazing TrailBfN
Blazing Trail
Create a blazing wall of fire along a straight path..


Snapdragon is excellent when it comes to melee damage. His high health makes him able to take a beating and give the zombies the same treatment. He isn't very fast, so try to get a quick vanquish or run away while you still can. His ranged attack isn't too reliable, but his Flame Blower is really effective. Try to aim for the zombies head's for extra damage. 

Keep in mind that fire damage will not kill enemies. It will leave your enemies at 1 HP

Snapdragon can use Blazing Trail to block off zombie pathways, use Blazing Trail from a distance to pick off targets, and use Swoop Slam to reach high areas or escape. However, Snapdragon can't do much when far away from enemies, so it's best to use Swoop Slam to get close to enemies to burn them or lant a fatal direct hit with it



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