Smoldering Madness is the second ability for Torchwood in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. When used, it increases the player's movement speed, allows the player to shoot indefinitely until the end of the ability, and do fire damage. The ability lasts until a certain amount of ammo is used, or when the bar has run out. The ability's duration also decreases if the player is moving.

Stickerbook description

Unleash Torchwood's pent up rage, allowing him to run faster, shoot unlimited wood chips, and deal furious fire damage!



This ability is really useful and powerful for Torchwood. It speeds up Torchwood and makes it do more damage, perfect for taking objectives or holding zombies back. The extra speed is also useful for dodging ZPGs, as Foot Soldiers will have a harder time hitting Torchwood under its speed boost. This ability can also knock out most Z-Mech variants using most of its ability. Try and target Z-Mechs, Scientists, Engineers using their Big Bolt Blaster, Captain Deadbeards using Cannon Rodeo, and All-Stars (due to being able to use Imp Punts and Sprint Tackles). When using this ability to defend gardens in Gardens & Graveyards, try to keep your movement minimal, as it will conserve the duration of the ability, allowing you to shoot for a longer time. In the garden, fast movement is unnecessary as it is a small space you are defending.


Captain Deadbeard and Foot Soldiers are ideal for taking out Torchwoods in this form, specifically, the Arctic Trooper. Any ice variant will work as well, but the Arctic Trooper can easily freeze Torchwoods without any danger. Captain Deadbeards can shoot from afar, meaning they are less suspend-able to taking damage while the Torchwood focuses on other opponents close by. Z-Mechs should be careful around Torchwoods. Use the Z-Mech's abilities to take out Torchwood in Smoldering Madness, or try and hide from them so they don't seriously damage the Z-Mech.



  • This is Torchwood's second fire ability, and Torchwood's second elemental ability, as well as the second and last elemental (and fire) ability in the game.
  • This ability can be a nod to Torchwood's Plant Food ability from Plants vs. Zombies 2.
    • It could also refer back to Giga Torchwood's ability, although Torchwood cannot use his other abilities while Smoldering Madness is active, while the Giga Torchwood can.
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