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Small Pepper (小辣椒; pinyin: xiǎo làjiāo) is a Tier 1 offensive plant that appears in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars. It is the downgrade of Jalapeno. It attacks zombies by spitting very small fireballs at them. It is unlocked by collecting 30 Small Pepper Puzzle Pieces. In order to get them, Ancient Egypt - Day 29, Kung Fu World - Day 24 and Journey To The West - Day 9 must be completed.


Small Pepper evolves into Jalapeno, and further evolves into Devil Chili.

Plant Food effect

Rain of Fire: Spits fire to all of the enemies in its lane. It requires Brave Plant Food to activate.



  • Like its upgrades, its teeth are always clenched.
  • It seems to be cross-eyed.
  • It is similar to the Fire Gourd as they both breathe fire. However, Fire Gourd is manually controlled.
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