Slider tiles (or ice floes in Frostbite Caves) are environment modifiers that appear in Frostbite Caves and Modern Day in Plants vs. Zombies 2. In Frostbite Caves, they are ice sheets that float on tiles filled with water and have a zombie hand frozen inside. But in Modern Day, they are a round blue inflatable kiddie pool with a yellow paddle board inside. The index finger or red arrow on paddle board points up or down based on the direction it diverts zombies.

Most zombies that step on it will move into another lane adjacent to it. Ice Weasels and Dodo Rider Zombies can bypass them because of their speed and flying capabilities. It also cannot be planted on or removed in any way. 



  • The ice block appears to be floating in an unknown navy blue liquid. However, this could simply be water.
  • Sloth Gargantuar holds an icicle that appears to have a hand similar to the hands in the ice floes inside it.
  • All hands frozen inside the ice sheets are zombie hands.
  • The elbow joint of the hand in the ice floe is too close to the wrist.
  • Completing a level without letting Ice Weasels touch the tiles gives the player the Run Weasley achievement.
  • The Modern Day slider tiles only appear on Days 25 and 31, as well as Pinata Parties.
  • Tomb Raiser Zombies can summon tombstones on slider tiles.
    • If a tombstone is summoned on a slider tile, it cannot be cleared by a Grave Buster, and zombies can still use it.
  • Zoybean Pod's Zomboids can also step on the ice floes/slider tiles.

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