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Slap Grass (拍拍草; pinyin: pāi pāi cǎo) is a Class A Tier 1 plant in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars. It attacks zombies that are close to it by swatting them with the flyswatter-like leaf on its head. It is shown to have most of its body underground as indicated by the hole it buried into. It is the downgrade of the Venus Flytrap. Slap Grass is unlocked by getting 30 Slap Grass Puzzle Pieces.


Clap Grass evolves into Venus Flytrap, and further evolves into Chainsaw Flytrap.

Tier 1 Effect + Anger Effect


Vampire Attack

Vampire Attack: Slap Grass struggles, causing massive damage to a single target, the additional effect of the Vampire Attack is absorbing 50 percent of the damage.


Slap Grass is one of the first plants you get in the game, so you may replace him with a stronger plant later in the game, like Tai Choy which can easily be unlocked through a daily reward. However, you don't have to replace Slap Grass, you can replace the stronger plant with a different tenacious plant. Slap Grass' Anger Effect can be very helpful if Slap Grass is near to fainting, as it can get more health through it. Slap Grass' and Sunflower/Twin Sunflower/Triplet Sunflower's anger effect activating at the same time can give Slap Grass a great amount of health, maybe even healing him almost to full health. Evolving Slap Grass to Venus Flytrap can be useful, because it gets better stats, like more health and attack.



  • It and Chainsaw Flytrap both have a fly buzzing around it during their respective idle animations.
  • It is mostly based on a flyswatter and the Venus Fly Trap.
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