The Silver Sunflower Trophy

Silver Sunflower Trophy is the trophy earned after beating Adventure Mode in Plants vs. Zombies for the first time. When unlocked, the player receives three diamonds and it appears on the main menu screen unless you use Xbox or Playstation operationg software. The trophy's gold version, which is the Gold Sunflower Trophy can be unlocked by beating every mini-game, puzzle level, and survival level. It can only be obtained after the Silver Sunflower Trophy has been found. The only reason it cannot be obtained sooner without hacking is that most of the mini-games and Puzzle Mode as well as the entirety of Survival Mode are unlocked upon the completion of Adventure Mode.



  • In the old iOS versions, the achievements icon had the Silver Sunflower Trophy.
  • In the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network versions of Plants vs. Zombies, the Silver Sunflower Trophy is absent from the main menu. Instead of a trophy, a barbed-wire fence appears in front of the player's Leaderboards house once Adventure Mode is finished.
  • If the player clicks or taps on the trophy, it will tell the player what to do to get the Gold Sunflower Trophy.
  • On any subsequent completions of Adventure Mode, the player will get three diamonds out of a money bag.

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