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Sidekick Tryouts is the first mission given to the player from Super Duper Brainz. When this mission is complete, the player earns 7,500 coins.


Super Duper Brainz will allow you to join the the "League of Awesome" if you can prove yourself worthy by defending a tombstone at Boney Island. There you will endure 5 waves with fire varients appearing in the later waves. Should you manage to defend the tombstone, Super Duper Brainz will accept you as a sidekick thus completing the mission.


  • Beware of fire variants, as their burning abilities will deal a lot of damage. It is best to bring along a Scientist to heal the fire damage.
  • A Giga Torchwood must be fought at the last wave so be prepared to have heavy hitters such as All-Star bring it down.


  • Super Duper Brainz asks if your spandex suit is fire-proof, referring to the abundance of fire variants of plants that will appear in this mission

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