Shopaholic is an achievement unlockable on the Xbox, PSN, and old Steam versions of Plants vs. Zombies. To unlock this achievement, the player must buy $25,000 worth of items in Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies. The easiest ways to get this are to buy the Imitater ($30,000), the ninth seed slot ($25,750), the first four upgrade plants ($27,500), either the aquatic or night Zen Garden ($30,000 each), or a mini-games pack, ($50,000), depending on the player's version. Depending on their version, they can also get this by buying the Silver or Golden Mystery Zen Garden sprouts.


The name of this achievement is a reference to a term used to describe how some people are obsessed with shopping.


See Money guide for more information.

Although this sounds easy, it might be hard to acquire the required $25,000. Gold farming is recommended, but you could get the money via completing unfinished mini-gamesI, Zombie, or Vasebreaker puzzles. Doing Last Stand or Survival: Endless could quickly earn the money, but you will have to survive for a long time to do so.


  • This achievement's icon is similar to Penny Pincher icon, except the coins are gold instead of silver and the background is all purple instead of yellow and purple.

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