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They can be tough nuts to crack.
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Shooty Gnome is a type of Gnome and an enemy in the mode Infinity Time and in the Trials of Gnomus. It is different from the basic Gnome that it carries a ray gun attached to a backpack as its weapon, and prefers to attack its target from a distance. Shooty Gnomes are introduced in the 2nd round of Infinity Time, and are the 2nd most common gnome in the game.

Shooty Gnomes attack by shooting quick bursts of 3-6 blue blaster bolts from their ray guns, similar to the Engineer. The blaster bolts travel in a steep parabolic arc which culminates on the player's current location. After each burst, there is an 8 second delay during which the Shooty Gnome doesn't attack. Their behavior is comparable to the Cactus in some ways.


A Shooty Gnome has a total of 170 health.



  • Shooty Gnomes can be found patrolling in the main area of the Trials of Gnomus.
  • This gnome is the only gnome considered a "Gnome Hero", similar to how all playable characters are considered heroes.
  • Chomper cannot eat the Gnomes, though they will run away from Burrow and they can be Gooped.
  • When Stuffy Flower vanquishes Gnomes, the healing sundrops won't appear.

The aforementioned Gnome glitch. The Gnomes affected by the glitch are completely non-functional and are essentially harmless to the player.

  • There is a rare glitch involving this Gnome and a Gnome Floatie. After the player beats a Gnome Floatie, the Shooty Gnome may freeze in place after spawning and will start shooting an endless stream of blaster bolts at nothing for no apparent reason.
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