The Shock Wheelz Crew are bounty zombies in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. They are a group of three consisting of Shocky, Shockalatta, and Shocko. They all resemble Electric Slides with the "Destination Punk" item set and can be hunted in Town Center. They will summon Champion TV Heads who will cast a signal boost while the Shock Wheelz Crew remain in Outta Fight! Defeating them gives the player the I'm Wheelie Shocked medal.


Their names all derive from shock, referring to Electric Slide's electrical abilities. "Shock Wheelz Crew" also references the fact Electric Slide wears roller skates. It could also be a parody on Hot Wheels.


The Shock Wheelz Crew is arguably the most difficult of the zombie bounty hunts in Town Center. At the very beginning of their hunt, they will all activate Outta Fight! and summon five Champion TV Heads. All five TV Heads are invincible, and after a few seconds one will become vulnerable. The player must vanquish the vulnerable TV Head/s in order to make the Shock Wheelz Crew vulnerable again. Once all vulnerable TV Heads are vanquished, the crew will become vulnerable. If their total health reaches two-thirds and one-third during the active phase, all other crew member(s) will go back into Outta Fight!. If the player doesn't manage to vanquish a member within 20 seconds of the vulnerable phase, all remaining crew member(s) will go back into Outta Fight!.

This bounty is easiest done with Peashooter. His abilities are very helpful, Chili Bean Bomb and Pea Suped can be used to take out the TV Heads, andPea Gatling can be used to quickly make work of the Shock Wheelz Crew.

It is advised to use Pea Gatling immediately when the crew is vulnerable. Pick one of the members and constantly shoot her, trying for as much critical damage as possible. Stay away from the metal railing at the opposite of the bounty, as the crew could use Funky Bouncer and drop you into the cliff, wasting a good few seconds of time.





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