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Shield Decoy is an alternate ability for All-Star's Dummy Shield. The player can have more of them out at a time and starts off with 4, but each of them has roughly 62.5% less health. The Shield Decoy also has a wider area of protection than the Dummy Shield. It takes 30 seconds to recharge one Shield Decoy.

Stickerbook description

Nothing says "Star!" like a picture of a star! BE IMPRESSED! Introducing the All-Star Decoy shield. It could also double for a great cereal box cover!


Essentially, this is the Dummy Shield with less health, but with the ability to place more down at once, Stack these when you can to make up for their lower health. If a Chomper is after you, but there are no walls around, if you place this down, then use an Imp Punt against it, vanquishing them unless they are the Armor Chomper or have a health upgrade.

Balancing changes

November 2016 Patch

  • Health was increased from 50 to 75.



  • The ad in the decoy reads "Endzone Juice" and a picture of the All-Star and an Imp Punt.
  • The description says that it would be great as a cereal box cover, even though it sponsors a juice brand.
  • It will wobble slightly when the All-Star places it.

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