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Shamrockstar was a plant in the game Plants vs. Zombies Adventures and was the VIP version of Shamrock. The player obtained him after completing Mildew Meadow Level 7. Unlike Shamrock, this plant would hide if any zombie were on the tile right in front of him. This being with Shamrocks, they would hide if any zombie is in a 3x3 area of them.


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Like Shamrock, he is based on a four-leaf clover, a rare version of the common three-leaf clover of the genus Trifolium that is believed to bring luck.  He is also based on a rockstar, a member of a rock band or solo artist of rock music, especially one with a celebrity status; likely a punk rocker based on his appearance.

His name is a portmanteau of "shamrock," a young sprig of clover used as a symbol of Ireland; and "rockstar," referring to his appearance. Its name may also be a pun of both words and "rock" due to the fact that it somewhat resembled a rock when it hid.

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"I do this for the music," he says. Then he eradicates a zombie with a rainbow blast. "For the music".


This plant packed a solid punch. When the situation called for long distance firepower, this was the best plant to use. When this plant was used alongside Acespearagus, the player would have had a very potent, long range zombie-killing combo that would last long.



  • The plant's description is inaccurate, as he always hides when a zombie is near. What sets him apart from Shamrock is not his hiding or not, but rather the distance between a zombie and the plant required before he goes into hiding.
  • Once he hid, a pair of headphones is seen, even though when he wasn't hiding, he did not wear headphones.
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