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Sgt. Plaid Attitude is a Zombie Battle Leader in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. He resembles a Foot Soldier with the "Royal Plaid-Master" costume. He has an increased damage aura, letting him deal more damage.


His name could be a combination of “sergeant”, "plaid" and "bad attitude."


Sgt. Plaid Attitude summons an entourage of Heal Zombies and Foot Soldiers. The Heal Zombies clump up close to always heal Sgt. Plaid Attitude, and the soldiers will deal additional damage. It's no use trying to vanquish all of the Heal Zombies, as more will spawn to keep healing Sgt. Plaid Attitude. Try using characters that deal a lot of damage at a short time with a large clip, like Kernel Corn or Acorn. Try to deal as much critical damage to Sgt. Plaid Attitude as much as possible, to counter the Heal Zombies continually healing him. Also try to keep moving to avoid the shots from him and his Foot Soldiers, because if you get vanquished, the Heal Zombies could potentially heal Sgt. Plaid Attitude back to full health.



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