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Seed packets are rectangles containing the image of a specific plant inside it. It shows the cost in sun to plant the plant on the bottom of the package. The player can obtain seed packets by finishing levels or by opening piñatas from the store or in certain levels . It does not have recharge written or signed but it gets colored to show when the plant is ready and it does have sun on it. Every seed packet says "Bloom and Doom Seed Co." on the front because that is the company that supposedly makes them. They fit in seed slots during gameplay.

Since the 3.9 update of Plants vs. Zombies 2, premium plants' seed packets have a unique look, with a shiny gold outline and galaxy look for the center, and since the 4.1 update, world obtained plants gained their own seed packet backgrounds as well.

There are also seed packets in which you can use to level up your plants. They can be obtained via piñatas with gems, coins and real money.

Some plants can also be unlocked if the player obtains 100/150/200/250 seed packets. The following below can be unlocked with seed packets:


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Specific to Plants vs. Zombies 2

  • In the first versions of the game, plants weren't moving after choosing their seed packet. This was fixed in later updates.
  • Images of most the plants in the seed packets before the Big Wave Beach Part 2 update have thick outlines. Plants released after Big Wave Beach Part 1 no longer had thick outlines in their seed packet images.
  • The plants outline is thicker in its seed packet, than its original one.
  • When a premium plant is boosted, the golden border of its seed packet is substituted with an ordinary white border of a non-premium plant's.
  • Since rarity was introduced in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2 in a certain update, all of the seed packets have a slight offset to the right. The slight offset can be observed when a seed packet lies in the plant-choosing box or on the conveyor belt.
    • As a result, the sun cost number is not perfectly aligned at the lower right of the seed packet.
  • In Special Delivery levels, the triangular seal at the lower right of the seed packet is absent.
  • All plants are cropped properly in their seed packets so that they never stretch out of the lower side of their inner borders and that they may have a very slight part out of the left and upper sides.