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Sea Starfruit (海星果; pinyin: hǎixīngguǒ) was a plant in Plants vs. Zombies: Journey to the West. He rolled down the lane he was planted in, dealing immense damage to every zombie in the lane. Additionally, he was also a counter for certain armored zombies, flipping them upside-down and making them vulnerable.



He was most likely based on both the Carambola fruit, and the Starfish, an Echinoderm belonging to the class Asteroidea. His name was a portmanteau of "Sea Star," an alternate name for the Starfish, and "Starfruit," the real-life plant this plant was based on.


Sea Starfruit was obtained in Underwater World. He rolled down the lane he was planted in, dealing immense damage to every zombie in the lane. Additionally, he was the counter for Tortoise Zombie, as he flipped him upside down, making him vulnerable.

He was later added to Plants vs. Zombies: Great Wall Edition, as Journey to the West had been merged with the game before the app was removed.

Suburban Almanac entry

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In English:

Sea Starfruit

The tentacles of Sea Starfruit can easily overturn a tortoise shell
Range: straight
Must be planted underwater
Damage: moderate (Heavy in-game)

Sea Starfruit always has a charming smile. No one knows that he loves the secret of turning circles and not dizziness. Others say that his eyes are only looking a little, so he won’t halo.

Recharge: very slow
Cost: 75



  • Real life sea stars are neither plants nor fish, but rather echinoderms.

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