For the version in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, see Sea-Shroom.

Sea-shroom is a mushroom plant that appears in Plants vs. Zombies. He is the first plant unlocked in the Fog stage, and the 25th plant unlocked overall. He performs almost identically to Puff-shroom, as he costs 0 sun and can shoot spores at zombies three tiles ahead of where he is planted, but has a slower recharge rate and can only be planted on water tiles in the Pool and Fog levels.


Psathyrella aquatica.jpg

His name is a combination of the word "sea," referring to how he can only be planted on water tiles, and the suffix "-shroom," referring to how he is a mushroom.

He appears to be inspired by the real-life species Psathyrella aquatica.

Suburban Almanac entry

Sea-shrooms are aquatic plants that
shoot short ranged spores.
Damage: normal

Range: short

Must be planted in water
Sleeps during the day
Sea-shroom has never seen the sea. It's in
his name, he's heard loads about it, but
he's just never found the time. One day,
though, it'll go down.
Cost: 0 Recharge: slow


Due to him being highly similar with Puff-shroom, Sea-shroom shares a role with Puff-shroom as a "cannon fodder," a highly disposable plant meant to be placed and eaten in great numbers. Sea-shroom's performance in this role however is much more limited, as the plant has a slow recharge rate and cannot be planted on land. Furthermore, the lack of dangerous zombies on pool lanes reduces the necessity to use Sea-shroom as a makeshift wall; on the other hand, this also means that Sea-shroom's limited firepower output can remain useful for a longer period of time compared to Puff-shroom's.

While Imitater can be used to remedy Sea-shroom's recharge problem, this is not recommended since this deprives the player of a cooldown reduction for potentially more useful plants. However, Sea-shroom can also be used to trick Dolphin Rider Zombie into jumping early and losing its dolphin in the process.

It is not advised to use Coffee Bean on this in any Pool levels. Instead, use Lily Pad and a stronger plant.

Related achievements

Good Morning.png
Good Morning
Complete a daytime level by planting mushrooms and Coffee Beans only.
Collect all 49 plants.
Book Learner.png



  • He seems to have approximately the same height as a Puff-shroom. However, he can be hit by Peashooter Zombies' and Gatling Pea Zombies' peas, while they just pass over Puff-shroom.
    • This is because the bodies of the Peashooter Zombies and Gatling Pea Zombies are partially in the water, which means their heads are lower on the surface on the water than on ground.
  • In the online Almanac entry, he is floating over the grass even though he is aquatic. The same goes for all the other aquatic plants.
  • When placed in the Aquarium garden, his roots are visible, and they resemble tentacles.
    • In certain versions, such as the iOS version, this is not the case, and his roots are still somehow covered.
  • In the Game of the Year version, his body can be purple sometimes.
  • Sea-shrooms cannot be protected by Pumpkins. This may be due to the fact that Sea-shrooms do not have any parts that allow Pumpkins to be planted on, unlike Cattails.
  • He is the only plant in the Almanac to be in the Night Pool setting (aka Fog).

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