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Sculptor Imp Zombie (雕刻家小鬼僵尸; pinyin: Diāokè jiā xiǎoguǐ jiāngshī) is the second unique zombie encountered in Renaissance Age. He uses an awl and hammer to chisel a statue. While Sculptor Imp Zombie is chiseling a Marble Mound, a cloud of dust covers the lower half of the mound, restricting view of his technique, and after the dust disperses, the mound then becomes a statue of a zombie and will instantly become a zombie if the Sculptor Imp Zombie completes chiseling, even during daytime. If the Sculptor Imp Zombie dies during chiseling, the partially finished statue will behave just like a full-body statue.


The Sculptor Imp Zombie absorbs 270 damage per shot and loses its arm at 135 damage per shot.

Almanac entry

雕刻家小鬼僵尸 (Sculptor Imp Zombie)

SPEED: Hungry



    In English:

    Carves Marble Mounds into zombie statues and resurrects them early.

    Have you heard of the statue "Aristocrat Zombies with Broken Arms"? This is the Sculptor Imp Zombie's carving. The Sculptor Imp Zombie especially likes a whole piece of rough marble, which can inspire his artistic inspiration.


Don't let Sculptor Imp Zombie carve the marble mounds, especially if the mound is containing a Buckethead Aristocrat Zombie or a Perfume Zombie. Since the marble mounds block straight-shot projectiles, lobbed-ranged plants or multi-hit should be used to kill it.


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