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The screen door is the strongest shield in Plants vs. Zombies and is used by Screen Door Zombies to protect them from straight-shot projectiles like peas.


It absorbs 1100 damage per shot. It has a high toughness equivalent to the bucket, and negates Snow Pea's slowing effect and Fire Pea's splash damage. Fumes and lobbed shots projectiles can penetrate the screen door.

Much like the way fumes and lobbed shots do not have destroy the screen door, Spikeweed can damage zombies directly when the zombie steps on it. Plants that fire backwards (for example, Split Pea and Starfruit) do not affect the screen door, instead they attack the zombie as usual.

The screen door's appearance changes upon the absorption of 380 and 740 damage per shot.


For more strategies, see Screen Door Zombie.

The screen door is made of metal, therefore you can take it directly away with a Magnet-shroom. Another strategy is to use Fume-shrooms, Gloom-shrooms or lobber plants to hit the Screen Door Zombie directly. Any combination that does enough damage to beat a Buckethead Zombie without a Snow Pea should also work against the Screen Door Zombie if the options above are unavailable for any reason.

In Wall-nut Bowling 2, the screen door can be bypassed if a Wall-nut ricochets and hits the zombie from the side, killing the zombie while leaving the screen door intact.



  • Although Wall-nuts in Wall-nut Bowling 2 bypass the screen doors when they hit a Screen Door Zombie from the side, damage is dealt to it when a Cattail hits the zombie from the back.
  • In Wall-nut Bowling, the Buckethead Zombie takes three Wall-nuts to beat it, but combining the screen door's toughness and the zombie's means Screen Door Zombie can take four Wall-nuts if you keep hitting the door directly.

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