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The Scientist is a PvZ BfN Support Class Icon.png Support class. His Zombie Heal Beam from GW2 has been replaced with the Healing Hose, and his Sticky Explody Ball ability has been replaced with the Sticky Healy Thingy to better suit his role as healing support.


In-game description

Scientists are the mobile zombie healers. The Healing Hose is great at keeping groups of zombies at full health.

Primary Weapon


Scientist's primary weapon is the Goo Blaster, which fires multiple projectiles in a somewhat wide spread. Should all the projectiles hit a single target, Goo Blaster can deal up to 33 damage per shot (39 if all the projectiles crit).

Steam Blaster

Swap primary weapon for a short range, area controlling steam weapon.

In-game description

If Scientist has the Steam Blaster legendary upgrade equipped, Scientist's primary weapon is replaced with the Steam Blaster, which fires short-ranged steam that deals 13 damage per shot and has a chance to rapidly deals the same amount of damage and fires at a rate of 58 RPM (rounds per minute). He can unload 5 projectiles before needing to reload.


Goo Blaster

Template:Stats/Goo Blaster

Steam Blaster

Weapon stats
Internal data
Ammo capacity Fire mode Rate of fire Damage Reload time
5 Full auto 58 RPM 13 2.2 s
Damage trapezoid data
X-offset Y-offset Z-offset
-0.75 1.5 1.85
Length Near width Far width Height
16 m
(52.49 ft)
1 m
(3.28 ft)
2 m
(6.56 ft)
3 m
(9.84 ft)
Base recoil
Minimum x-axis recoil angle Maximum x-axis recoil angle Minimum y-axis recoil angle Maximum y-axis recoil angle Minimum z-axis recoil angle Maximum z-axis recoil angle
0 0 -0.05 -0.25 0 0
Minimum FOV recoil Maximum FOV recoil Recoil recovery time
0 0 0.3
Projectile spread (unzoomed, standing)
Minimum angle Maximum angle Increase per shot Decrease per second
-1.1 -1.05 0.05 15
Projectile spread (unzoomed, moving)
Minimum angle Maximum angle Increase per shot Decrease per second
-1 -1.05 0.05 15
Projectile spread (unzoomed, jumping)
Minimum angle Maximum angle Increase per shot Decrease per second
-0.8 -0.5 0.05 15
Sway recoil (unzoomed)
Maximum vertical amplitude Vertical increase per shot Maximum horizontal amplitude Horizontal minimum increase per shot Horizontal maximum increase per shot Amplitude decrease factor
5 1.5 10 -1 -0.5 15
Projectile spread (zoomed, standing)
Minimum angle Maximum angle Increase per shot Decrease per second
-1.5 -1.45 0.05 15
Projectile spread (zoomed, moving)
Minimum angle Maximum angle Increase per shot Decrease per second
-1.4 -1.35 0.05 15
Projectile spread (zoomed, jumping)
Minimum angle Maximum angle Increase per shot Decrease per second
-0.8 -0.5 0.05 15
Sway recoil (zoomed)
Maximum vertical amplitude Vertical increase per shot Maximum horizontal amplitude Horizontal minimum increase per shot Horizontal maximum increase per shot Amplitude decrease factor
5 1.5 10 -1 -0.5 15


Left abilities
Sticky Healy ThingyBfN.png
Sticky Healy Thingy
Heal allies in an area near Sticky Healy Thingy.
Center abilities
Teleport a short distance in the direction you're moving.
Right abilities
Healing HoseBfN.png
Healing Hose
Spray allies to heal and extend their max health.


Perk Utility.png
Super Savior
Perk RoleIcon Support.png
Use jump and abilities while reviving.

Allows jump and using abilities while reviving an ally without canceling the revive.
Perk Cooldown.png
Refreshing Revive
Faster refresh time for all abilities by reviving an ally.

Reduces ability cooldown by 100% (10 seconds) when a teammate is revived.
Perk Health.png
Rough Patch
Spawn with more health after suffering multiple vanquishes in a row.

After dying three times in a row, spawn with the maximum amount of overhealth for the currently used class after respawning or being revived.
Perk Health.png
Revive Reward
Perk RoleIcon Support.png
Gain health by reviving an ally.

Grants 75 HP upon reviving an ally, also gain 10% armor while reviving.
Start with overhealth when spawning.

Overhealth dissipates after 20 seconds.
Sticky Healy ThingyBfN.png
Allies get revived faster when in proximity to Sticky Healy Thingy.

Reduces the time to revive an ally by 100% when in proximity to Sticky Healy Thingy, effect lasts for 10 seconds on allies.
Perk Utility.png
Leveling Up
Earn XP faster.

Earn 10% more XP.
Perk Mobility.png
Perk RoleIcon Support.png
Move faster after spawning or being revived.

Increases movement speed by 55% for 7 seconds after respawning or being revived, being revived heals you to full health.
Perk Cooldown.png
Critical Blow
Faster refresh time for all abilities by earning a critical vanquish.

Reduces ability cooldown by 5.5 seconds upon critically vanquishing an enemy.
Travel further when using Warp.

Increases the distance traveled with Warp to 22.5m (73.82 ft).
Sticky Healy ThingyBfN.png
Increased heal area when Sticky Healy Thingy is stuck to an ally or enemy.

Increases radius of Sticky Healy Thingy by 140% (6m).
Perk Mobility.png
Move faster, except when sprinting.

Increases walking speed by 12.9032%.
Healing HoseBfN.png
Increased effect of Healing Hose if target ally is at low health

Increases Healing Hose's heal rate to 1.5625 for allies with low health.
Perk Health.png
Hard Target
Perk RoleIcon Support.png
Move faster for a short time after receiving damage.

Increases movement speed by 15% for 1.65 seconds upon taking damage. Stacks up to 4 times for a maximum of 50% movement speed increase.
Power Wash
Healing HoseBfN.png
Improved range and healing when aiming Healing Hose.

Aiming the Healing Hose increases the heal rate by 25% and improves the following stats: (1.) Length: 18m (59.06 ft); (2.) Near width: 0.625m (2.05 ft); (3.) Far width: 4.375m (14.35 ft); (4.) Height: 3m (9.84 ft).
Gain health from healing other zombies.

Healing allies allows yourself to be healed at a rate of 2.5 HP per 0.25 seconds.
Dolphin Blasting
Increased rate of fire for short time after earning a vanquish. Upgrade can stack up to three times.

Increases Goo Blaster's rate of fire for 15 seconds by vanquishing enemies. Stacks up to 3 times for a fire rate increase of 15%, 28.0435%, and 51.1204% (103.5, 115.23915, and 136.00836 RPM) respectively. Each stack extends the effect's duration to 15 seconds.
Goo Blaster has less projectile spread when aiming weapon.
Gain ammo for Goo Blaster by using Warp ability.

Adds 5 rounds to the Goo Blaster by using Warp, adds 2 rounds to Steam Blaster.
Perk Damage.png
Combat Aura
Perk RoleIcon Support.png
Gain increased damage aura for a short time after a vanquish streak of three.

Activates a damage aura with a 5m radius upon vanquishing 5 enemies without dying. Increases damage by 25% and lasts for 15 seconds.
Perk SuperPerk.png
Steam Blaster
Perk RoleIcon Hero Scientist.png
Swap primary weapon for a short range, area controlling steam weapon.
Perk SuperPerk.png
Steam Blaster
Perk RoleIcon Hero Scientist.png
Swap primary weapon for a short range, area controlling steam weapon.

Related achievement

Medical MiracleBfN.png
Medical Miracle
Give 1,000 overhealth as a Scientist.



The Scientist is one of the most versatile and powerful zombie classes in the game, due to his weapon's high damage and accuracy (especially when zoomed in), his ability to self-heal, as well as his Warp ability. This makes him more of an attack character than he does support. You can either get up close and personal with your enemies and occasionally warp to distract your enemies' aiming, which allows you to confidently fire at them without having to zoom in your weapon first, or take out your enemies from a moderate distance with the zoom accuracy buff. Should you run out of health at any time, you can use the Sticky Healy Thingy to quickly patch yourself back up in the middle of a firefight, or use it while taking some cover for a safer approach.

The Dolphin Blasting upgrade is very useful for an offensive playstyle, as it allows you to gain increased rate of fire for his weapon by vanquishing enemies and it stacks up to three times, in which it will become a relatively fast-firing sniper-shotgun.

If you are using Steam Blaster, try to read the direction your enemy is moving in so they remain in the damaging steam longer to get the most out of each shot. The Steam Blaster only has 5 shots, so make sure you place them well. It also has a limited range, so use Warp to get into striking distance quicker.

You can take advantage of a rate of fire glitch to speed up Steam Blaster's rate of fire, allowing you to deal massive amounts of damage quickly. By using the Healing Hose after firing the weapon, it allows you to fire the next shot faster.


The Scientist has a major weakness in which his weapon's projectiles are rather slow, despite the low spread. Because of this, picking him off from afar with Cactus or other long-range plants might help, as you can dodge the projectiles easier that way.

Tips & Tricks

In free roam

Just like in PvP, the Scientist is also very powerful in free roam. The same offensive playstyle also works very well here, as enemies' attacks are much weaker and they're easier to defeat. It also allows you to beat boss fights without breaking a sweat, especially when defeating the Blight Cap or Unyielding Gnight as he's able to self-heal when needed at any time, and his Warp ability allows you to dodge their projectiles or reach objectives quicker. Scientist can Warp when Healing Hose is active allowing him to heal sprinting teammates easier, it's great for healing a teammate to max overhealth then immediately using Warp to find and heal another teammate.



Quest NPCs


You can speed up Steam Blaster's rate of fire by using the Heal Hose as soon as a shot is fired. This is especially useful for the Steam Blaster as it can almost double its rate of fire from 58 to around 115 RPM. Using macro, script, or modded controller is highly recommended to automate the process.


Balancing changes

November 2019 patch

  • Fix issue with improper stacking of fire rate multiplier with the Dolphin Blasting upgrade
  • Fix issue with lifetime of active state not resetting on vanquish with the Dolphin Blasting upgrade

November 27 2019 Update (Pre-TTK)

  • Decrease Goo Blaster damage while near pellets are alive reduced 2.84->2.0
  • Decrease Goo Blaster rate of fire 100->90
  • Decrease Goo Blaster projectile speed post drag 135->100
  • Decrease Goo Blaster life/distance of near pellets 26->12m
  • Increase Warp ability refresh time 8->9
  • Increase the Precision upgrade equip cost 3->4
  • Decrease equip cost of the CPR upgrade 4->3

Early December 2019 TTK Changelist

  • Increase Goo Blaster ammo capacity 8->10
  • Increase Healing Hose heal rate 11->20
  • Increase additional heal rate with CPR upgrade 5->6.25
  • Increase self heal rate with the Reflexive upgrade 6->10
  • Increase additional heal rate with the Power Wash upgrade 4->6.25

March 2020 patch

  • Goo Blaster
    • Switch to automatic fire
  • Sticky Healy Thingy
    • Increase healing rate 18.0->30.3333 health/sec
    • Decrease active heal time 5.0->3.0 sec
    • Increase refresh time 20.0->32.0 sec
  • Heal Spray
    • Decrease heal rate 22->20.85 health/sec (not true, see below)
      • Increase heal rate 20 -> 20.85 health/sec as the heal rate buff was not applied in the February 2020 patch
    • Fix residual heal, now does intended healing of 5.0 health/sec for 5 seconds
  • Upgrade Power Wash
    • Increase heal rate 6.25->8.75 health/sec
    • Increase range 18->20m
  • Upgrade CPR
    • Increase heal rate 6.25-> 8.32 health/sec
  • Upgrade Reflexive
    • Increase heal rate 10->12.5 health/sec

May 2020 patch

  • Steam Blaster
    • Fix the issue when using Heal Spray that was resetting weapon delay
    • Fix the issue with the tombstone screen showing the incorrect weapon name
  • Upgrade Wormhole
    • Increase range 22.5->27 m
    • Fix the issue with sprint being canceled
  • Upgrade Dolphin Blasting
    • Add VFX treatment to show when the upgrade is active



  • The writing on his name tag says "Branez." This can only be seen on higher screen resolutions due to how small it is.
  • His Dolphin Blasting upgrade is a reference to the Marine Biologist from the Garden Warfare series.
  • Oddly, Scientist's weapon is more suited for long range attacks in this game compared to the previous games, when he was a shotgun-kind of character.
  • Scientist's weapon seems as though it has inverted damage drop-off. Visually, he does more damage from farther away rather than up close but it is just the damage numbers being grouped.
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