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Scaredy-shroom (Scaredy-Shroom in Battle for Neighborville) is a Spawnable Plant in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, and Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville.

Its attack is Scaredy Shot, which deals around 20 to 35 damage depending on the range. While it is hiding, the zombies will not attack it, unless the Scaredy-Shroom attacked them first. Its Zombie counterpart is the Hide-n-Shoot Bot. If a zombie comes close to it, it hides similarly to the original game and receives moderate resistance to attacks.

It had a Lawn of Doom variant named the Frankenshroom. It resembles a Scaredy-shroom wearing a hat that resembles the head of Frankenstein's monster and was exclusively available in the event's Trick or Treat and the Happy Halloween sticker packs. Despite its unique appearance, it was functionally identical to the default Scaredy-shroom and had the same health and damage stats.


Garden Warfares 1 & 2


Takes Zombies out with superior range, but hides when they get close.


It's alive! It's alive!! It's... a Scaredy-shroom with a stylish new costume.

Battle for Neighborville


Takes zombies out with superior range, but hides when they get close.


Since the Scaredy-shroom hides when a zombie comes near it, it is recommended to put it at the back of your defenses. It works well if placed on an elevated spot with a good view of the surroundings. This will allow it to damage or even shoot down most zombies from afar before they come too close. Putting it in elevated positions will benefit its vantage point.

The Scaredy-shroom is not useful if placed too close to the zombies because it will hide and become useless, however this can still be a good thing as the Scaredy-shroom almost becomes shielded from attack. Its superior range allows it to function as a long-range Sniper to attack zombies from afar. It is especially useful when used in combination with Tallnut Battlements or Iron Maidens.

When in the Plant's Town Center in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, it is useful to plant a Scaredy-Shroom at the entrance to the plant's base, as the Scaredy-Shroom will reward the player with XP for each zombie that it takes out with its superior range.


Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2


  • It, Snap Dragon, and Browncoat Zombie are the only consumables with Lawn of Doom variants in the first Garden Warfare.
    • Its costume is based on Frankenstein's Monster.
    • One of the Sunflower's Halloween-themed hats (known as "Frankenflower") is based on this plant's costume.
  • It is the only plant that Spawnable Zombies will not attack willingly unless it was the last plant to attack them.
    • It is also the only plant to receive a damage resistance.
    • The damage resistance is high enough to reduce General Supremo's point-blank range damage to just one point of damage per shot.
    • Along with the fact that it has about 75 health, it can survive getting hit by all 60 shots in one "clip" without dying.
  • If you apply the Infinite Ammo setting in Garden Warfare 2, it fires multiple projectiles that can destroy even Z-Mechs in seconds, making Scaredy-shroom very powerful.
  • If you attach a Heal Beam to the Scaredy-shroom while a zombie is eating it, you can earn an infinite amount of coins from the heal bonus.

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