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A plague has swept this era.
This article is about content that is no longer available. As such, it is archived.
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This article is about content available solely in the People's Republic of China.

That is the sound of inevitability.


Save Our Seeds I was the second Save Our Seeds level of Wild West in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2. To complete this level, the player would have to protect three Wall-nuts. The player would lose the level either if their house had been entered by the zombies or if one of the endangered Wall-nuts got eaten. When this level was finished for the first time, the player got a star.


(Crazy Dave appears)
Crazy Dave: What's that sound in the distance?
(Penny appears)
Penny: That is the sound of inevitability.
Crazy Dave: It sounds like a stampede of pianos!
(Crazy Dave and Penny leave)



  • Required plants:
  • Start out by planting as many sun plants as possible, using a Potato Mine to take out the first zombies. Remember to move the minecarts to where that doesn't have zombies.
  • Start planting the Snapdragons in the third column and Wall-nuts in the fourth column to protect the Snapdragons and plant Bloomerangs in the second column. Plant Spikeweeds at the right to stop the chickens and Pianist Zombie.
  • Continue moving the minecarts and planting more Spikeweeds to deal more damage to the zombies. Use Plant Food if needed.




Plants vs Zombies 2 Chinese Version - Part 32 Wild West Save our Seeds

Save Our Seeds II starts at 4:32

* A gate can be unlocked with a key after completing this level
^ Conjectural name