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SPUDOW! is an achievement that can be unlocked on the iOS, PC, Android, Nook, and PlayStation Vita versions of Plants vs. Zombies. It is worth five points on Game Center. The player can get it the first time he or she plays Level 1-6. The player must simply plant a Potato Mine and wait for a zombie to walk into it.


Its name is based on the fact that Potato Mine's explosion produces a "SPUDOW!" text above the tile it was planted on.


Potato Mines take 15 seconds before they arm themselves (approximately the time it takes most zombies to walk three tiles). Some zombies may eat it or jump over it, so you should not place it directly in front of a zombie. Another easy mini-game to get this on is Column Like You See 'Em. Just plant the Potato Mine right before a huge wave of zombies appears. If you need some extra time to let the Potato Mine arm itself, place a defensive plant, such as a Wall-nut in front of it, then shovel up the defensive plant when the Potato Mine has been armed.

This achievement is trivial to earn in I, Zombie - simply have a zombie be killed by a Potato Mine - for safety, this can be done with a Digger Zombie.



  • If the player plays versions of Plants vs. Zombies other than the English version (Game of the Year), the icon of this achievement will be different. This is only different (by language) on the Game of the Year PC version of Plants vs. Zombies.
    • This is most likely because the developers did not want to create more than one icon, so they created one with the English "Spudow!!",  and one that could apply to any language.
  • The achievement icon for other languages looks like the potato droppings from the Potato Mine explosion.
  • In French, "SPUDOW!" is translated as "PATABOUM!," which is similar to "POTATOBOOM!"
    • However, potato is called "pomme de Terre" in French.
    • It can also be called patate, depending on the dialect.
  • It is the most obtained achievement on the Steam version of Plants vs. Zombies: Game of the Year Edition, being obtained by about 85% of the owners of the game.[1]


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