Roman Caesar Zombie is a zombie encountered in Penny's Pursuit in Plants vs. Zombies 2. He is a General zombie like Cardio Zombie and Z-Mech, appearing only on the 8th column and having several different stages of attacks.

He is able to promote Roman zombies in a similar manner to Zombie King, and will also throw bottles of salad dressing onto the player's plants.


Bust of Julius Caesar

Roman Caesar Zombie (specifically the imp) is based on the Roman politician Julius Caesar.

His ability to throw salad dressing is based on how it is a common ingredient in Caesar salad.

Almanac entry

Roman Caesar Zombie

SPEED: Creeper

Roman Caesar Zombie tosses imperial salad dressing onto plants, making them irresistibly delicious to zombies. He also promotes Roman Zombies, giving them stronger helmets.

History records that Roman Caesar Zombie was a leader of impressive size and grandeur, looked up to by all his subjects.


Phase Length Health Points on defeat Attacks
1 30 seconds 14,000 dps 100,000 Promotes a Roman Zombie into a Centurion Zombie
Summons a Roman Zombie or a Roman Shield Triad
Throws a bottle of salad dressing towards a plant
2 40 seconds 16,500 dps 125,000 Promotes 2 Roman Zombies into Centurion Zombies
Summons 1-2 Roman Zombies or Roman Shield Triads
Throws 1-2 bottles of salad dressing towards plants
3 50 seconds 18,000 dps 150,000 Promotes 3 Roman Zombies into Centurion Zombies
Summons 1-3 Roman Zombies or Roman Shield Triads
Throws 1-3 bottles of salad dressing towards plants


Roman Caesar Zombie is the most dangerous zombie when you're encountering them. They will throw salad dressings to make zombies' speeds are increased on its lane, promotes Centurion Zombies, as well as spawning some Roman Zombies and Roman Shield Zombies.

Roman Caesar Zombie can throw delicious salad dressing that will turn your plants into salads. You can shovel up one of your plants if the salad dressing targeted too close to your defenses. When the zombies speed up, use slowing plants like Snow Pea to slow them down.

When it promotes Roman Zombies into Centurion Zombies, this requires Magnet-shroom to pulls up Centurion Zombie's galea. If there are so many Centurion Zombies, as well if Roman Caesar Zombie appears to promote Roman Zombies into Centurions, Magnet-shroom is so useful especially when fed with Plant Food.

Roman Caesar Zombie also can spawn Roman Zombies and Roman Shield Zombies from the underground, making the battle against it a bit more difficult. If there are Roman Shield Zombies being spawned from the ground, treat them with the same way as Camel Zombies' weakness.


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