Rocket Leap is an alternate ability for the Foot Soldier's Rocket Jump. It was added in the Garden Variety DLC. Instead of launching the Foot Soldier at a great height, it launches it at a slightly lower height but at a very long forward distance. The Rocket Leap can be used two times without needing to recharge. It takes 30 seconds to recharge one Rocket Leap, 10 more seconds than its vanilla counterpart.

Stickerbook description

What it lacks in height, the Rocket Leap makes up for in distance. It's a giant leap forward in Zomboss technology!

Comparison to Vanilla Counterpart


  • Longer jump
  • You can use 2


  • Lower jump
  • Longer cooldown time



Since the player has two in stock, the Rocket Leap is useful for traveling fast, like the Engineer's Jackhammer or Super Brainz's Heroic Kick. The difference in height between Rocket Leap and Rocket Jump is only a small amount, and can still get atop most rooftops. Use Rocket Leap to flee from Chompers, Chili Bean Bombs, and Corn Strikes. It also can be used as you would with the Scientist's Warp, but remember that the Foot Soldier lacks greatly increased damage in close quarters, but can still use his ZPG/Multi-Rocket at that range. You can also cancel the leap by pressing forward which is useful if you're accidentally heading for a Chili/Sombrero Bean Bomb or Potato Mines/Potato Nugget Mines.


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