Rock Pea is the Rare armored variant of the Peashooter in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. He was revealed on the Twitter page on December 3, 2015. His primary weapon is called Rock Shot, which has eight ammo, slightly higher splash damage, and a slower rate of fire. His trailer showcases the Boney Island map, as well as confirming the Peashooter's three original abilities to be returning. He was the only unlockable Peashooter variant in the beta.


Stickerbook description

"The Rock Pea's gruff and tough exterior may make him look like a tough guy, but really, he just wants a hug."

In-game description

Rock Pea's added bulk results in added health, and slightly reduced movement speed.

AI Health

Easy: 90

Normal: 120

Hard: 150


Primary weapon

The Rock Pea's primary weapon is the Rock Shot. With the damage upgrade it deals 23-34 impact and critical damage depending on the distance. It also deals slightly higher splash damage than default Peashooter, but fires at a slower rate.


Chili Bean Bomb

Launches a Chili Bean Bomb, which explodes after a short amount of time and deals 175 damage. It attracts all nearby zombies, making it a way to vanquish lots of zombies quickly.

Pea Gatling

With Pea Gatling, the Peashooter roots into the ground, has 100 ammo to fire continuously against the zombies.


Hyper enables the Peashooter to accelerate and jump higher. This can help with both defense and offense.

Sombrero Bean Bomb

An alternate ability of Chili Bean Bomb, Sombrero Bean Bomb launches a Chili Bean Bomb wearing a sombrero that has a longer fuse than the normal Chili Bean Bomb, but in return, gives off 250 damage and a bigger explosion radius.

Retro Gatling

An alternate ability of Pea Gatling. With the Retro Gatling, the Peashooter roots itself into a special form of Pea Gatling. It has only 50 ammo and shoots slower but each ammo is stronger.

Super Pea Jump

Super Pea Jump allows the Peashooter to jump higher but does not get a speed boost.


This is a great Peashooter for any player who enjoys heavy characters. His increased health, combined with good damage and Hyper, makes this plant very dangerous in the right hands. Remain mobile as you would with any Peashooter and use Hyper to jump around your opponents while bombarding them with shots. Do not hesitate to use the Pea Gatling if you find a good spot, as your increased health will make you harder to take down than other Peas. Always keep an eye on your health and remember that armored variants such as yourself aren't invincible. Learn when to run from a fight and find a healer. Try to focus on more close-ranged enemies as his weapon has steeper damage falloff than other peashooters. He is best played on defense as his higher health allows him to hold ground better.

Balancing changes

Trouble in Zombopolis: Part Two DLC

  • The blast damage was reduced from 15 to 12.



  • His ammo capacity is the same as that of the Berry Shooter.
    • In addition to that, his primary weapon behaves similarly to how the Berry Shooter's primary weapon (the Berry Blast) would.
  • His trailer shows him using two gestures.
    • The first has him dancing in a fashion similar to the "Sprinkler" move, ending with a move that resembles the form of a surfer while surfing. It is the new "Break it Down" gesture. However, the audio used is from the first game's gesture "Happy Dance."
    • The second is the "Aloha" gesture from the first game.
  • If the health upgrade is equipped, Rock Pea can survive a ZPG while in Pea Gatling at full health.
  • His peas could sometimes knock zombies back, similar to Primal Peashooter. However, it has been confirmed in the Trouble in Zombopolis: Part One DLC patch notes that this was a glitch.
  • He bears a resemblance to Ben Grimm, known as The Thing, from Fantastic Four.
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