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Road Trip was the main mode in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. In it, the player went through levels using plants to defeat zombies. At the end of all stages except The Boonies and Zombitorium Manor, Officer Ron would have appeared as a roadblock. Getting past him would require paying a certain amount of gems to hire people, or asking the player's friends to help them with their road trip.


Map name Screenshot Number of levels New zombies New plants
Normal VIP
The Boonies Boonies Five Zombie, Conehead Zombie PeashooterA SunflowerA AspearagusA Wall-nutA None
Dire Spires Dire Spires new Seven Barrel Zombie None BeeshooterA Hard-nutA
Cadaver Cavern CadaverCavern Ten Buckethead Zombie Cherry BombA PopcornA AcespearagusA Power FlowerA
Park-n-Perish Park Twenty-one DJ Zom-B BeetA BeetboxerA
Killjoy Park Killjoy Park Twenty-two Rocket Zombie Snow PeaA Ice Queen PeaA
Sweaty Palms Sweaty Palm Twenty-three Conga Leader, Conga Dancer JalapenoA None
U of Z UofZ Twenty-four Football Zombie Magnet PlantA None
Frostbite Falls Frostbite Falls Twenty-five Ice Block Zombie Flaming PeaA None
Mildew Meadow Mildew Meadow Twenty-six Imposter Zombie, Imp ShamrockA ShamrockstarA
Grey Matter Gardens Grey Matter Gardens Twenty-six Mall Cop Zombie Bamboo Shoot (PvZA)A BamboomA
The Sever Glades Sever Glades Twenty-six Weightlifter Zombie RepeaterA None
The Sand Dooms Sand Dooms Twenty-six Gas Can Zombie Chilly PepperA None
Zombitorium Manor Zombitorium Manor Thirty Gargantuar Zombie Twin SunflowerA None


When the player is in certain level, Crazy Dave would have given a challenge to the player in few levels. The challenges had two types. The first one was that Zombie Fog covered the area, and the player could not see the map clearly. Another one was that Crazy Dave picked plants for the players, but the max limit of plants was increased as well.

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