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Riot Police Zombie (防暴警察僵尸; pinyin: fángbào jǐngchá jiāngshī), is a zombie encountered in Modern Day in the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2.

At regular intervals, he will stop and throw a smoke bomb at the closest plant in the row he is in, covering it in white smoke and completely disabling it, similarly to Wizard Zombie. Disabled plants automatically become functional again through time. He will continue until all plants in his row are disabled. The smoke can be removed using Blover and Hurrikale, allowing the affected plants to go back to normal. He will also use his baton to whack plants. Shadow plants like Nightshade are immune to his smoke bombs, but only when powered by Moonflower.


He is based on the riot police, who are organized, deployed, trained or equipped to confront crowds, protests or riots.

Almanac entry

防爆警察僵尸 (Riot Police Zombie)

SPEED: Basic



    In English:

    Throws smoke bombs to cover your plants.

    Whenever there is a riot, Riot Police Zombie appears to do his duty, protecting the country and its people!!! He is worthy of our respect!!!



  • Its name ("防爆警察僵尸") literally translates to "Explosion-Proof Police Zombie." However, the zombie is misnamed because it is not immune to explosions.
    • PopCap Shanghai has confirmed that they made a typo on this zombie's name and that it should be 防暴警察僵尸 - Riot Police Zombie.
    • However, probably because of copy-pasting problems, the mistaken name is currently used for any mention of the zombie.
  • He is similar to Archmage Zombie, as they both permanently disable plants unless certain plants are used to cure them.
    • However, he only disables one plant at a time, similarly to Wizard Zombie. He also crushes plants rather than eating them, similarly to the Gargantuar. So he can be considered a mix of them.
  • If one looks closely, He reuses the same foot textures as Explorer Zombie.

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