Reviving Brainz BBQ, also called the Reviving BBQ, the Revival Station, or the Resurrect, is an ability from Boss Mode in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare for the zombie team. It costs 250 brains to deploy. When dropped down, it revives all vanquished zombies in its range within 6 seconds. Its plant counterpart is the Revive Rainbow. It can be destroyed by plants. It takes 180 seconds or 3 minutes to recharge.


Nothing gets KO'd Zombies up faster than the fresh scent of BBQ Brainz. Drop this near KO'd Zombies to take effect.



  • When a plant player destroys it, a message will appear saying +75 Destroyed Revival Station instead of Reviving Brainz BBQ.
  • When the player is being revived by it, the revive timer says "Being Revived by Dr. Zomboss," regardless of who is playing as the boss.
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