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Repeater was a plant in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. It is obtained after the player reclaims The Fitness Lot. It still shoots 2 peas per shot, but each pea deals 40 damage, making it able to do 80 damage per shot. It only requires 100 sun in this game, which is the same cost as Peashooter.



It is based on the plant in Plants vs. Zombies with the same name and appearance.  

The 1st sentence of its Facebook description states his attack method, while the other is exactly the same as the last sentence in its Suburban Almanac entry in Plants vs. Zombies.  

Facebook description

Repeater fires two peas at a time. Probably because, secretly, Repeater yearns for love.


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  • Looking closely, the player can see that it jumps before firing.
  • It is the only peashooting plant that does not keel over to one side when KO'ed. Instead, it flops on its face.
  • Each pea does 40 damage per shot rather than 20, meaning it deals 80 damage in one volley, which is equal to Gatling Pea's damage per burst from the 1st game.
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