Re-Re-spawn is an achievement in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It requires the player to plant an Infi-nut that gets eaten and respawns twice. The player can also achieve this by stalling a zombie with two Infi-nuts. It is worth 5 points on Game Center for iOS Devices and 500 XP on Google Play Games for Android devices.


The achievement name has 2 "re"s, referring to how the Infi-nut has to respawn 2 times to earn the achievement.


Before you start, try to keep an eye on the lawn if there are no Gargantuars, Explorer Zombies, Troglobites, Arcade Zombies, and any zombies that can destroy the projector itself, as your Infi-nut will not regenerate anymore. When you start, plant an Infi-nut in the rightmost column. Let the zombies eat the Infi-nut. Then, kill the zombies with an instant kill. Repeat the same situation twice.

Another strategy is to wait for the last zombie to come (make sure it is a zombie that can eat plants), place two Infi-nuts next to each other on the same lane as the final zombie. When the Infi-nut has regenerated twice, finish off the zombie.

Using a boosted Infi-nut may make this achievement harder, as the zombies will also have to chew away the shield, thus making it harder to earn it. This might also allow more zombies than you can handle to enter the lawn at the same time.

A third strategy is to play a level with three or four flags and put it in front of a group of zombies so they can kill it quickly and when it dies, block them off or finish them with an instant kill and let it respawn. When another small group comes, shovel the defensive plant and let the zombies kill it again. You will get the achievement when it respawns once more.


  • If one looks closely, one can see that the Infi-nut in the achievement's icon is missing the small beam of light below it that is made by the Infi-nut's projector.

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