Ravens are bystanders in the many levels of Plants vs. Zombies. However, they have influential roles to play in the mini-game Zombie Trap. In the later versions of Plants vs. Zombies (from the XBLA version and onward), a raven is seen on the Main Menu, notifying the player on what various menu items mean. The only thing that happens to the raven in the XBLA and PSN versions is when mini-games is selected from the main menu, the raven will get shocked by lightning.

The ravens are much more frequent in the DS version, with multiple ravens appearing during all levels on the top screen (except for Level 5-10, Dr. Zomboss's Revenge, and Air Raid). During a day level, up to three ravens will appear on a fence in the background and will fly away during a huge wave. During a night level, a raven will sometimes appear on a zombie's head. In the pool levels, ravens will drop future glasses, Zombie Bobsled Team goggles, and Garden Rakes. In fog levels, ravens will drop a recycling bin or a trash can followed by either dead plants or zombies (or plant and zombie dolls) unlike in the Leaderboards; ravens also reappear at the end of each fog level, traveling in a group of about five, knocking over the pile of dead/dolls of plants and zombies that they previously assembled. In the Roof levels, they appear standing above a regular zombie's head or shoulders, sometimes dropping their heads and on the main menu on the DS version, if the player taps any of the buttons, the raven sitting on top of the tombstone will get zapped by lightning.

Zombie Trap mini-game

The biggest role the ravens play so far is in Zombie Trap, where they kill the zombies trapped in the cages they drop, signaled by the player.



  • It is unknown whether or not ravens are undead, as they have yellow, zombie-like eyes, but despite this, they do not pose any threats nor show any bad will to players.
  • The recurring theme of ravens in general may be a reference to Edgar Allen Poe's famous poem "The Raven."
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