This item is available only during certain events, and cannot always be obtained/played in-game. However, it can still be used if you have already obtained it. It is currently not available.
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Rainbow Flower is an alternate ability of the Sunflower's Heal Flower. This ability was formerly obtainable from Rux's Bazaar for 500,000 coins. It differs from the default Heal flower in that its petals have several colors arranged in a rainbow-like fashion. The Rainbow Flower only drops one sun drop at a time but drops them at a faster rate than the default version.

When compared to the standard Heal Flower, the Rainbow Flower drops 37 sun drops as opposed to the former's 36, resulting in 185 health total.

Stickerbook description

The Rainbow Heal Flower is exactly the same as the standard Heal Flower, but it's rainbow colored! It also knows calculus. OK, no that's a lie. It's colorful!

Comparison to Heal Flower


  • Drops more sun drops than Heal Flower


  • Only drops one sun drop at a time, but at a much faster rate


  • It and its sun drops are much more noticeable than the standard Heal Flower


See Heal Flower.



  • It shares many similarities to the Rainbow Heal Beam.
    • Both have similar Stickerbook descriptions.
    • Both are rainbow-colored variants of an existing ability.
    • Both are variants of one of Sunflower's default abilities.
    • However, while the Rainbow Heal Beam is functionally identical to the Heal Beam, the Rainbow Flower functions differently from the Heal Flower.
  • When you vanquish it, the kill feed will still say that you vanquished the standard Heal Flower.
  • It has green leaves on its icon, whereas in-game its leaves are made of gold.

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