Rainbow Bass Imp is a Rainbow Glitz minion zombie in Plants vs. Zombies 3. He will strum out bass riffs around a 3x3 area, damaging all plants around him.


Rainbow Bass Imp's name refers to both a bass guitar, the instrument that he holds, and a type of fish with the same name, explaining why his costume is of a fish.

Almanac entry

Rainbow Bass Imp
Level 1 Rainbow Glitz Minion
Rainbow Bass Imp3
Strums out groovy bass riffs damaging all surrounding plants. Fishy!
Attack Damage
Riff Speed
Walking Speed
Power Cord Damage
Power Cord Tempo

Effective Plants:
Peashooter PvZ3 seed packet Starfruit PvZ3 seed packet Fairy Ring Mushroom PvZ3 seed packet


Rainbow Bass Imp is not much of a threat by himself; he acts like an Imp, but also damages plants in a 3x3 area around him every few seconds. However, he becomes much more threatening when assisted by other zombies such as Glitter Zombie and Keytar Zombie, which can let him slip into your defenses. Starfruit works well against Rainbow Bass Imp, as it can attack him from lanes that cannot be hit by the bass riffs. Earthy type plants such as Shuffle Truffle and Fairy Ring Mushroom will take less damage from his attacks, making them adept at combatting Rainbow Bass Imp.

Due to his ability to do damage at close range, using single-target close range plants such as Bonk Choy is not recommended if Rainbow Bass Imp appears in groups. Chilling type plants are also not recommended, as they will take more damage from his attacks, while also doing less damage to Rainbow Bass Imp.


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