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Rabbit Imp was a zombie in Plants vs. Zombies Social Edition. When killed, he would add another multiplier to the player's score in Captain Mode.

He appeared from a portal, similar to the ones seen in the minigame Portal Combat. He did not move and if the player didn't kill him fast enough, Dr. Zomboss 's hand would come out of a portal and take him back.


This zombie isn't a problem for you, but you should target them if you want to win a game of Captain Mode. Since he hides most of the time, and he is hiding behind other zombies, so use plants like Cherry Bomb to kill him before he goes away.

Remember that he can't be frozen, so you can't make him stay on the lawn for a longer amount of time.



  • He was one of three zombies to be exclusive to the Social Edition, the others being Talisman Zombie and Mustache Zombie.
  • He is one of the only zombies in the game to have a unique burnt animation.
  • He is also one of the only zombies that actually helps the player. In this case, giving the player an extra multiplier to get a higher score.
  • He re-uses Snorkel Zombie's dead sound effect in Zombiquarium when killed.
  • His sign in the game icon says "打我呀!" ("Hit me if you can!") and "+1加成" ("Plus-1 Multiplier") in-game. The sign in the icon of the Rabbit Imp Multiplier says "四" ("Four").
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