The Quest Board is a feature in the Backyard Battleground in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. The Quest Board allows the player to pick up or cancel quests which they can do to receive stars, coins and XP multipliers as rewards for completing them. The different quests are separated into three categories: Plants, Zombies and Multiplayer. Plant and Zombie quests give the player stars while Multiplayer quests give the player coins. There are also quests called Epic Quests, which are harder than normal quests and may take more time to complete, but they offer bigger and better rewards than normal quests.

List of Quests


Name of quest Description Reward
Plants at Zen Peak - Complete Garden Ops at Zen Peak on at least Normal difficulty. The Zombies are causing havoc at Zen Peak and the Plants can't take it anymore. 3 stars
Plants at Boney Island - Complete Garden Ops at Boney Island on at least Normal difficulty. Crazy Dave wants to use a real volcano for his science project. Help him fend off the Zombies. 3 stars
Plants at Time Park - Complete Garden Ops at Time Park on at least Normal difficulty. Oh, no! The Zombies just purchased the subscription coupons for Time Park. Don't let them reach the garden. 3 stars
Plants at Colizeum - Complete Garden Ops at Colizeum on at least Normal difficulty. Crazy Dave is looking for a new house for his vacation. Apparently it says they rent the Colizeum. 3 stars
Plants at Lunar Landing - Complete Garden Ops at Lunar Landing on at least Normal difficulty. The Zombies want to conquer the Moon again. 3 stars
Plants at Z-Tech Factory - Complete Garden Ops at Z-Tech Factory on at least Normal difficulty. Plant a garden in the middle of Z-Tech Factory to prove the Zombies you're afraid of nothing! 3 stars
Plants at Frosty Creek - Complete Garden Ops at Frosty Creek on at least Normal difficulty. Zomboss is after Crazy Dave's frozen vegetables in Frosty Creek! Protect them at all costs. 3 stars
Plants at Sandy Sands - Complete Garden Ops at Sandy Sands on at least Normal difficulty. Zomboss wants to steal the pyramids again! Stop him! 3 stars
A+ Peashooter - Get an A+ or higher at the Crazy Targets Range as any Peashooter. Attack the Crazy Targets as Peashooter and see what happens! 3 stars
A+ Sunflower - Get an A+ or higher at the Crazy Targets Range as any Sunflower. Put the sunglasses on! Sunflowers are about to raise the temperature! Of the targets and later even of the Zombies. 3 stars
A+ Cactus - Get an A+ or higher at the Crazy Targets Range as any Cactus. Training with the target range can help upgrade the ego of a person, until you don't snap. 3 stars
A+ Citron - Get an A+ or higher at the Crazy Targets Range as any Citron. Nothing can take down those targets like the orange beam! 3 stars
A+ Rose - Get an A+ or higher at the Crazy Targets Range as any Rose. Everyone knows that Zombies stink and flowers don't. Rose has invented a new smell for her wand. Try it out! 3 stars
A+ Cob - Get an A+ or higher at the Crazy Targets Range as any Kernel Corn. Kernel Corn's cob shooters are locked and loaded, and he's itching to target something. 3 stars
Vanquisher of Soldiers - Vanquish 15 Soldiers. Crazy Dave wants to make a toaster with old helmets used in battle. Soldiers always have beautiful ones. 3 stars
Vanquisher of Engineers - Vanquish 15 Engineers. When Crazy Dave tries to make something he makes it with his own hands. Those annoying Engineers don't let him grab his tools. 3 stars
Vanquisher of Scientists - Vanquish 15 Scientists. Crazy Dave wants some suits to find the inspiration. Steal them from Scientists. 3 stars
Vanquisher of All-Stars - Vanquish 15 All-Stars. The greatest meeting of the century is about to start. The Plants won't have chances with all those All-Stars on the loose. 3 stars
Vanquisher of Imps - Vanquish 15 Imps. Those Imps are dumbly contributing to the upgrade of Zomboss' forces. Take them out! 3 stars
Vanquisher of Captains - Vanquish 15 Captain Deadbeards. Crazy Dave's table is missing some legs. We think peg legs would make for a good fix. Go grab a bunch of them! It's a BIG table. 3 stars
Vanquisher of Super Brainz - Vanquish 15 Superheroes. What is the real identity of these superheroes? First vanquish them then make all the questions you want. 3 stars
Peashooter vs. Zombies - Vanquish 50 Zombies as any Peashooter. He might be small, but he is a fast and deadly war machine. 3 stars
Chomper vs. Zombies - Vanquish 50 Zombies as any Chomper. Chomper is hungry and the Zombie feet are really succulent. 3 stars
Sunflower vs. Zombies - Vanquish 50 Zombies as any Sunflower. The sun has risen and it's time to catch off some Zombies with Sunflower. 3 stars
Cactus vs. Zombies - Vanquish 50 Zombies as any Cactus. Pierce some Zombies with the flying spikes. 3 stars
Citron vs. Zombies - Vanquish 50 Zombies as any Citron. Let's give the Zombies an extra bit of citrus, shall we? 3 stars
Rose vs. Zombies - Vanquish 50 Zombies as any Rose. The present Rose did to the Zombies is a stream of magic thistles. 3 stars
Corn vs. Zombies - Vanquish 50 Zombies as any Corn. The corn season has came. We will surprise you with special effects. 3 stars
Gargantu-gone - Vanquish 1 Gargantuar boss. Crazy Dave is trying to build a mini-fridge. Those Gargantuars are always around and not letting him focus. 3 stars
Anti-Karate Lessons - Vanquish 1 Zen Sensei boss. This is the perfect time to see if Crazy Dave's Anti-Karate lessons work. 3 stars
Yeti Beard - Vanquish 1 Yeti Zombie boss. Crazy Dave needs a new beard for the winter. Grab some Yeti fur to make one. 3 stars
Baron von Vanquished - Vanquish 1 Baron von Bats boss. The Baron only did a mess from when he came. Vanquish him and get rid of all those bats! 3 stars
Disco Down - Vanquish 1 Disco Zombie boss. The disco music is dead. We need to tell it to Disco Zombie. 3 stars
Boss Wave Blues - Complete 5 Boss Waves in Garden Ops. The Boss Zombies prepare a first-quality fertilzer. That's right! 3 stars
Heal Assist Bliss - Get 5 Heal Assists as any Sunflower. It's important that Sunflowers help their teammates to keep fighting. 3 stars
No Plant Left Behind - Revive 5 Plants. For winning this battle, someone will need to be revived. 3 stars
Champion Vanquisher - Vanquish 3 Zombie Champions. Take out those champions when you see them coming. They're the ones with more health than the others. You will reconnize by them by the golden aura surrounding them. 3 stars
Weed Wars - Grow 5 Weeds from soil patches. The Zombies think they can face a whole squadron of Weeds? We'll see about that. 3 stars
Simply Shocking - Get 500 Vanquishes with the primary weapon of any Plant Electric variant. Zombies are currently extra conductive. Let's make the most of it! 10 stars
Fire at Will! - Vanquish 500 Zombies with the primary weapon of any Fire Plant variant. When the fire meets the Zombies, it's the perfect fusion! 10 stars
Breaking the Ice - Get 500 Vanquishes with the primary weapon of any Ice Plant variant. Freeze those Zombies and turn them into small Zombie-shaped ice cubes. 10 stars
Mad Potter - Grow 15 Plant Pots. Do we even have a gardener? It doesn't matter. We just need SOMEONE to provide more backup on the field! 3 stars
Just Vanquish Already! - Vanquish 50 Zombies as a Plant. Crazy Dave needs Zombie shoes for his next invention. Zombies are always wearing one. 3 stars
Plant Craaaaaazy Ops! - Complete Garden Ops on Crazy Difficulty. A mastodontic Zombie wave wants to eat our gardens. Stop it! 10 stars
Perfect Wave Perfection - Complete 10 Perfect Waves in Garden Ops. Don't let the Zombies touch the Garden! 3 stars
Spicy Beans! - Get 25 Peashooter Bean Bomb vanquishes. The plate of vanquishing beans is best served HOT. 3 stars
Beaming with Delight - Get 20 Vanquishes with any of the Sunflower's Sunbeam abilities. Sunflowers LOVE to glow things with sunlight, especially Zombies. 3 stars
Goop Troop - Vanquish 7 Gooped Zombies. Zombies are much more tastier after being gooped. 3 stars
Hungry Hungry Chomper - Get 10 Vanquishes by swallowing Zombies. The breakfast of champions? A chomped Zombie. 3 stars
Cactus Crits - Get 25 critical hits as any Cactus. Aiming to the head is fondamental. 3 stars
That Potato Is Mine! - Get 10 Vanquishes with any of the Cactus' Potato Mine abilities. Blow up those Zombies by strategically placing some Potato Mines. 3 stars
Feeling Peachy? - Vanquish 10 Zombies while they're stunned by Citron's EMPeach ability. Why are the Zombies always so angry? EMPeach should make them smile back. 3 stars
EMPeach Sandwich - Stun 25 Zombies with Citron's EMPeach ability. The Zombies are hungry. Make them a sandwhich with peaches, or salad... The one you can make better. 3 stars
Citron, Play Ball! - Vanquish 5 Zombies while in Citron's ball form. What's orange, round and can bowl you over? 3 stars
Time Snare Fair - Snare 15 Zombies with Rose's Time Snare ability. Make the Zombies move slowly. 3 stars
Enigma Impressions - Get 5 Vanquishes using Rose's Arcane Enigma ability. Rose should teach one or two magic lessons to those Zombies. 3 stars
Goats? - Goatify 15 Zombies. Everyone is complaining about the constant disappearance of goats. I think it's fair to blame the Zombies. It's what they deserve. 3 stars
Butter Barrager - Get 10 Vanquishes with any of Corn's Butter Barrage abilities. Those Zombies better run. Or they'll get hit by a Butter Barrage. 3 stars
Awww Shucks - Vanquish 10 Zombies with Corn's Shuck Shot ability. The quickest way to peel the Cobs is by shooting them at speed of a missile. 3 stars
Unwanted Interference - Destroy a Zombie Teleporter Zombie teleporters are messing with Dave's TV reception. Destroy them! 3 stars
SQUAWK! - Shoot down a Pirate's Parrot Caw Caw 3 stars


Name of quest Description Reward
Zombies at Zen Peak - Complete Graveyard Ops at Zen Peak on at least Normal difficulty. The Zombies weren't doing anything at Zen Peak when the Plants came over and ruined everything. Help them! 3 stars
Zombies at Boney Island - Complete Graveyard Ops at Boney Island on at least Normal difficulty. Zomboss lost somehting. Everytime something gets lost it is always found at Boney Island. 3 stars
Zombies at Time Park - Complete Graveyard Ops at Time Park on at least Normal difficulty. Oh, no! Today it's Plants'day off! Don't let them ruin the Zombies'school trip at Time Park! 3 stars
Zombies at Colizeum - Complete Graveyard Ops at Colizeum on at least Normal difficulty. Work your Brain! Zomboss'commands. 3 stars
Zombies at Lunar Landing - Complete Graveyard Ops at Lunar Landing on at least Normal difficulty. Crazy Dave thinks the Moon is made of cheese and wants to make a sandwich. Stop him! 3 stars
Zombies at Z-Tech Factory - Complete Graveyard Ops at Z-Tech Factory on at least Normal difficulty. Dr. Zomboss can't allow himself to give breaks to his employees,especially while those hateful Plants ruin the floor of the factory. 3 stars
Zombies at Frosty Creek - Complete Graveyard Ops at Frosty Creek on at least Normal difficulty. We need a plow. 3 stars
Zombies at Sandy Sands - Complete Graveyard Ops at Sandy Sands on at least Normal difficulty. The Zombies have discovered the Sandy Sands. Keep the Plants away and wait until Zomboss arrives. 3 stars
A+ Soldier - Get an A+ or higher at the Crazy Targets Range as any Soldier. Zomboss wants his soldiers to be ready and seasoned. Unfortunately, he's rotten by now. 3 stars
A+ Engineer - Get an A+ or higher at the Crazy Targets Range as any Engineer. Engineer needs to dust off his dusters! 3 stars
A+ Scientist - Get an A+ or higher at the Crazy Targets Range as any Scientist. For sure getting an A+ won't be too hard for a Scientist. 3 stars
A+ All-Star - Get an A+ or higher at the Crazy Targets Range as any All-Star. Zomboss says All-Star spends more time traning than shooting. They must go immediately to the shooting range. 3 stars
A+ Imp - Get an A+ or higher at the Crazy Targets Range as any Imp. Try the power of duality against the Crazy Targets! 3 stars
A+ Captain Deadbeard - Get an A+ or higher at the Crazy Targets Range as any Captain Deadbeard. Captain Deadbeard is again shooting crazy! He'd better control his shaking arm. 3 stars
A+ Super Brainz - Get an A+ or higher at the Crazy Targets Range as any Super Brainz. Get back to the shooting range! 3 stars
Soldier vs. Plants - Vanquish 50 Plants as any Soldier. Not just anyone can be a Zombie Soldier. They gotta' earn their way in the academy. They graduate simply by finding the academy! 3 stars
Engineer vs. Plants - Vanquish 50 Plants as any Engineer. It's time to K.O. some Plants! 3 stars
Scientist vs. Plants - Vanquish 50 Plants as any Scientist. The Scientists must vanquish the Plants, for science! 3 stars
All-Star vs. Plants - Vanquish 50 Plants as any All-Star. All-Star has to vanquish some Plants and continue the match. 3 stars
Imp vs. Plants - Vanquish 50 Plants as any Imp. The Imp must vanquish the Plants. Eh Eh Eh! 3 stars
Captain Deadbeard vs. Plants - Vanquish 50 Plants as any Captain Deadbeard. Ahhhhrrr, the Pirate is back and he's ready to vanquish some Plants! 3 stars
Super Brainz vs. Plants - Vanquish 50 Plants as any Super Brainz. Lights, engine, squat! Zomboss needs of a super duper help! Obviously until Super Brainz will be done training. 3 stars
Vanquisher of Peashooters - Vanquish 15 Peashooters. Vanquish some Peashooters. 3 stars
Vanquisher of Chompers - Vanquish 15 Chompers. Send those Chompers away from here. 3 stars
Vanquisher of Sunflowers - Vanquish 15 Sunflowers. The greatest Brainz meeting of the century is about to start! Take out those Sunflowers before they ruin everything. 3 stars
Vanquisher of Cacti - Vanquish 15 Cacti. Those Cacti are too prickly. Zomboss must defeat them from the first to the last. 3 stars
Vanquisher of Citrons - Vanquish 15 Citrons. Send a message to the future by vanquishing some Citrons. 3 stars
Vanquisher of Roses - Vanquish 15 Roses. Zen Sensei can't smell really well and this is a serious problem for him. Some Roses should help him feel better. 3 stars
Vanquisher of Corns - Vanquish 15 Corns. Zomboss is organizing a movie night. Bring some popcorn! 3 stars
Build and forget - Build 15 Zombot Turrets. Recent studies in the Zombie technology field have shown that Bots DO have feelings. Don't forget to use your Zombots. 3 stars
Zombie Summoning - Summon 5 AI zombies from grave dirt piles. We need more Zombies on the battlefield. 3 stars
Zombie Reviver - Revive 5 Zombies. It doesn't matter which faction will win this battle. It will be opportune to revive someone. 3 stars
Stumped - Vanquish 1 Big Stump boss. Zomboss is building a wooden object for his backyard and he needs more wood. 3 stars
Giga No-Torchwood - Vanquish 1 Giga Torchwood boss. Zomboss needs more firewood. And that's that. 3 stars
Down With the Beans - Vanquish 1 Super Bean boss. The scanners have revealed the presence of Super Bean on the roof. Vanquish him and take away part of his beanosity. 3 stars
Mean Sunflower Queen - Vanquish 1 Sunflower Queen boss. Zomboss rule: there can only be one supreme leader. All the other monarchs must be dethroned. 3 stars
Boss Wave Mayhem - Complete 5 Boss Waves in Graveyard Ops. The Plants grow too quickly. Let's give those bosses a nice lesson. 3 stars
Super Boss Wave for Zombies! - Defeat a Super Boss Wave in Graveyard Ops. In Ops when the slot machine lands on 3 bosses of the same type you win a Super Wave. Defeat it to win. 10 stars
Perfect Wave Collection - Complete 10 Perfect Waves in Graveyard Ops Don't let them touch the Graveyard! 3 stars
Heal Assistant Needed - Get 5 Heal Assists as any Scientist. Help your Zombie friend in need of existence. 3 stars
Defeating Champions - Vanquish 3 Plant Champions. Take out those champions when you see them coming. They're the ones with more health than the others. You will reconnize by them by the golden aura surrounding them. 3 stars
ZPG Mayhem - Vanquish 10 Plants with any of the Soldier's ZPG abilities. Soldiers need to start off their tiny brainz and use their rockets more often. 3 stars
Smoke 'Em Out! - Damage Plants 30 times with any of the Soldier's Stink Cloud abilities. Smoke those Plants by using Stink Bombs. Luckily Soldiers have plenty of them. 3 stars
Sonic Emergency - Stun 25 Plants any of the Engineer's Sonic abilities. Recent polls indicate that Plants strongly dislike the Engineer's sonic abilities. 3 stars
Big Bolt Blastathon - Vanquish 20 Plants with the Engineer's Big Bolt Blaster. Vanquish the Plants with the Big Bolt Blaster of the Engineer. 3 stars
Sticky Explody Ball Sale - Get 5 Vanquishes with the Scientist's Sticky Explody Ball ability. Guarantee bounce or you'll get a refund! Some of them might explode. 3 stars
Tackle Training - Vanquish 20 Plants with the All-Star's Sprint Tackle ability. Zombie Trainer wants to make sure his athletes are always in perfect shape and health. All-Star never has to stop training. 3 stars
Punt Practice - Vanquish 15 Plants any All-Star Imp Punt. The All-Star needs to keep those legs in shape. 3 stars
Fun With Gravity - Stun 30 Plants with the Imp's Gravity Grenade. Good ol'anti-gravity always cheers you up. 3 stars
Mech-a-pocalypse - Vanquish 50 Plants with any Z-Mech. Things are goind bad on the battlefield and Zomboss is calling out all of the Z-Mechs. 3 stars
Heroic Kick Day - Vanquish 10 Plants with Super Brainz's Heroic Kick ability. No time for kicking back. Work out those legs! And one and...uh... one! 3 stars
Turbo Twistathon - Vanquish 25 Plants with Super Brainz's Turbo Twister ability. New Studies have shown it's impossible to be confused if you have a brain or you're a stone. 3 stars
Bots & The Horde - Get 75 Vanquishes with Bots or AI Zombies. No breaks! All Zombies must fight! 10 stars
Fire, Zombie, Fire! - Vanquish 500 Plants with the primary weapon of any Fire Zombie variant. Zomboss told the Zombies to set on fire more Plants or else they'll get fired! 10 stars
Chill Those Plants! - Vanquish 500 Plants with the primary weapon of any Ice Zombie variant. Those Plants really need to calm down. We need some ice. 10 stars
Shock Them Plants! - Vanquish 500 Plants with the primary weapon of any Electric Zombie variant. Make the Plants pass a day full of negative charges. 10 stars
Pumpkin Season - Vanquish 25 Pumpkinhead Weeds. Pumpkin pie is somewhat of an acquired taste. 3 stars
Rush Burger - Achieve Rank S in any Zomburger delivery. Zomburgers, delivered right to your front door! 3 stars


Name of quest Description Reward
Team Vanquish - Win one game of Team Vanquish. Win a game of Team Vanquish. Because there's no I in Team Vanquish. Let's put it like this. 5000 coins
Triple Team Vanquish - Complete 3 games of Team Vanquish When it's this fun you should do it three times! 5000 coins
Turf Takeover - Win one game of Turf Takeover. See the world, go to space. Dig holes! You can do it all in Turf Takeover. 5000 coins
Triple Turf Takeover - Win three games of Turf Takeover. TBA 5000 coins
Mega Turf Takeover - Win 15 games of Turf Takeover. When all of this will be over you will have seen everything. And you'll also be older of when you started. 25,000 coins
Teleporter Treatment - Build 5 teleporters as Rose or the Engineer. There's people worried about traffic in matches. Go build some Teleporters/Portals for ease the job. 5000 coins
Suburbination! - Achieve Suburbination. Capture all the bases to watch the fireworks show! 5000 coins
We're Gnome-ber One! - Win three games of Gnome Bomb. Studies have revealed that defeating the opposing team in Gnome Bomb is good for the health. 5000 coins
Gnome Defused! - Defuse three Gnome Bombs. Don't worry about which wire to cut. Just convince the Gnome to don't blow up. 5000 coins
Triple Vanquish Confirmed - Complete three games of Vanquish Confirmed! We need SOME way of confirming the vanquish. 5000 coins
Vanquish Confirmed Participation - Win 15 games of Vanquish Confirmed!. Get the orbs! 25,000 coins
Orb Denied - Deny 10 Crazy Orbs. The other tam wants the Crazy Orbs of the fallen allies. Don't let them get'em! 5000 coins
First Strike Master - Achieve the First Strike Boast. Attack with the speed and the stealthiness of a hooded figure trying to show what you're made of. 5000 coins
Vanquish Master - Achieve the Vanquish Master Boast. The student has become the master. And the master has become toast. 5000 coins
Vanquish Streak Master - Achieve the Vanquish Streak Master Boast. What we do in games echos an eternity on the Scoreboard, for at least a few minutes. 5000 coins
Heal Master - Achieve the Heal Master Boast. Theres a time to heal and a time to rest. Heal enough players and maybe, I tell you maybe you will be able to rest. 5000 coins
Revive Master - Achieve the Revive Master Boast. When you fall down the best thing to do is to get back up on foot. But sometimes and always you can't get up on your own. 5000 coins
Assist Master - Achieve the Assist Master Boast. Try to be the best one in vanquishing the enemy. 5000 coins
Boastful - Get any boast 3 times What's that? I can't hear you from all the way up here! 5000 coins
Hostile Takeover - Capture 5 Gardens or Graveyards in Turf Takeover Show your friends how a true pro solves the situation.
Mega Team Vanquisher - Win 10 games of Team Vanquish As long as you're winning together, it's considered teamwork. If you're winning alone it's considered lonely. 25,000 coins
Triple Vanquish Streak - Get a Triple Vanquish Streak 3 times Who amongst us will stand out as the greatest vanquisher of all time? 5000 coins
Gnome Bomber - Plant 3 Gnome Bombs The Gnomes are feeling lonely and are anxious to see some battle. They'll carry the bombs, you gust gotta' carry the gnomes.



Using Flag of Power

All "Vanquish plants/zombies" quests can be easily completed by playing a short match or two of Flag of Power. Regardless of your power boost and type of character vanquished (boss, spawnable, hero), every vanquish still counts as 1. Quests that require vanquishing a specific class, using a specific class to vanquish, or using a specific ability/element can also be completed with this mode. Simply play through until your quests are complete. Some tips for using Flag of Power for this purpose:

  • Do not open reinforcement crates or play with friends who aim to vanquish as well. These entities and players will "steal" your vanquishes, lengthening the time you will be playing Flag of Power.
  • If you do play with a friend, you should have them play as a healer or support class, or one that doesn't do a lot of damage. This way, they make it easier for you to get vanquishes by weakening/slowing enemies or help you last longer by healing you.
  • Remember to try to take down multiple quests at once. For example, you could have these quests and be able to accomplish them all in Flag of Power: "Build and Forget", "Fire, Zombie, Fire!", "Heal Assistant Needed", "Vanquisher of Cacti", and "Stumped." To do this, you would need to play as the Paleontologist (Heal assists, fire variant), play up to the boss wave (passes Cacti wave, Big Stump), and bring out Bots to aid you (build 15 bots).

Using Solo Play/Private Play

All Multiplayer quests can be easily completed using Solo Play - provided the correct settings are active. Solo Play allows you to pick your AI teams, the map you play on, and the mode you play (even separating Turf Takeover into Herbal Assault and Gardens and Graveyards). Use this to your advantage. For example, you could easily win a match in any mode simply by turning off the enemy AI. For quests that require neutralizing objectives (such as "Gnome Defused!"), it's possible to activate the objective, switch teams, then neutralize said objective (often before time runs out, as is the case with Gnome Bomb). Keep in mind however that if you turn off the teams, you will be unable to achieve any of the "Master" boast quests. To do this, it is necessary to turn both teams on, however you may find the quests easier if you choose specific teams. For example, earning the "Heal Master" boast is very easy when you are the only healer in both teams. Similarly, the "Vanquish Master" boast can be easily achieved by playing as the Peashooter against a team of low-health Imps or Scientists.

Choosing Characters for the Job

Sometimes, using a certain character can complete a mission very quickly. For example, use the Bandit Cactus to complete the "Cactus Crits" mission. Due to its rapid fire damage output, the Bandit can finish the mission in a few seconds, provided that your accuracy is good. Using Electro/Power, splash damage, or Toxic/Fire characters are also optimal for "Vanquish as" missions. Power variants can deal more damage across multiple targets, letting them get many vanquishes with a few strikes. Splash damage characters, like Power variants, can also deal damage in an area. Finally, Fire or Toxic variants help deplete health faster, and have the possibility of vanquishing an enemy after you stop shooting them.

Only Backyard

All "Vanquish 50 Plants/Zombies as [insert character class]" is easy done in regular Backyard Battleground. Walking near the other factions base will set of an alarm and start mega spawn both plants and zombies making it easy to vanquish. The same can be used for vanquishing a certain character classes instead of needing to wait in the Flag of Power.


  • In the description for "Citron vs. Zombies", there is likely an error in the description, as it says "Zombies and extra." This is presumably meant to say "Zombies an extra."
  • In the description for "Gnome Bomber,", there is likely an error in the description, as it says "gust gotta' carry the gnomes." This is presumably meant to say "just gotta' carry the gnomes."
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